• Health

I Farted Really Loudly Just Now, Um, Because It’s a New Health Thing?

You have to fart otherwise you’ll get sick. Just go with me on this.

  • Health

Questions You’re Too Afraid To Ask Your Doctor About How Robots Have Sex

The most important questions you should definitely ask your doctor about robot sex, no matter how awkward you or they feel.

  • Pop Culture

Everything We Want In The Inevitable C+C Music Factory Biopic

It's the movie we've all been begging for.

  • Lifestyle

Styles Everyone Will Be Wearing When The Dystopian Regime Commands It

This is what Best Leader wants for us.

  • Food and Recipes

Healthy Twists On Picnic Favorites Literally No One Wants You To Make

Have you tried apple slices and cinnamon?!

  • Wrestling

3 Lesser-Known Wrestling Holds Perfect For A No Holds Barred Match

Have you heard of the 'Reverse Heimlich'?

  • Wrestling

The REAL Reason The WWF Changed Its Name To WWE

Hint: It involves bears.

  • Pop Culture

How I Quit Being One Of Coolio’s Illegal Street Racers And Took Back My Life

It was 1997, and we ruled the mean streets of Gotham.

  • Lifestyle

I’m No Longer Married To The Sea, And I’m Ready To Mingle

I'm on the hunt for the ultimate white whale: love.

  • Lifestyle

Let Your Nemesis Know You’re Thriving With These Tasteful Billboards

Give the haters something truly majestic to admire.

  • Lifestyle

A Comprehensive Review Of All The Best Monocles—Finally!

What ho, assorted plutocrats, barons of industry, and proper gentlemen!

  • Bunny Ears Podcast
  • Macaulay Culkin

Mack And Friends Talk All Things Disney On This Week’s Podcast

They also briefly digress into porn addiction. It goes a little off the rails, but in a good way.

  • Macaulay Culkin

Mack Reveals His Favorite Disney Things (After A Week At Disney World, No Less)

Spoiler: 'Inside Out' made him cry ... twice.

  • Travel Guides

The Most Instagrammable Ways To Die This Summer

Sure, death is forever. But so is the perfect instagram pic!

  • Lifestyle

Our Guide To The Most Terrifyingly Authentic Renaissance Faires of 2019

Like the Harvard Yard Festival, where stake-burning is encouraged!

  • Pop Culture

The Small Wonder Cast: Where They Are Literally Right Now

We tagged them with GPS trackers, like a bunch of wild animals

  • Spiritual Wellness

Uh Oh, Duolingo Wants Us To Learn “The Speech Of The Owl God”

It's also calling each new challenge "mandated knowledge"?

  • Wrestling

Never-Before-Heard And Completely Mundane Tales Of Andre The Giant

Like that time he drank moderately and turned in early.

  • Wrestling

My WWE Action Figures Came To Life! But Then Turned Heel

My childhood dream came true!

  • Lifestyle

Bond With Your Kids By Playing “Fuck, Marry, Kill” With Them

Get in touch with their inner lives!

  • Food and Recipes

Our Marshmallow Diet Lets You Camp In The Woods For Weeks Without Pooping!

Marshmallows are basically nature's intestinal glue.

  • Video Games

Finding Your Inner Sega Genesis Blast Processing

Reach Altered Beast state.

  • Pop Culture

I Dressed Like Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater For A Week And I Still Can’t Kickflip

I guess this is one trick I was never meant to nail.

  • Lifestyle

I Went Phoneless For A Week (Because A Mugger Stole My Phone)

Don’t you just hate it when we start going crazy when you're without your phone for a week after a mass assailant robs you of it at gunpoint? Me too.

  • Wrestling

Razor Ramon’s Manscaping Tips—Finally!

"I've got some tips for you, chicos."

  • Video Games

I’m Just A Boy Who Loves His Blob (Yes, Sexually)

If you have a problem with that, you can get out of my life.

  • Macaulay Culkin

Macaulay Culkin Ranked His ’90s Crushes With Us

The '90s were a special time.

  • Fetish Of The Month

What Your Favorite La Croix Flavor Says About Your Sex Life

Are you a Passionfruit? Perhaps a Key Lime?

  • Horoscopes

What You’d Shoplift From Lowe’s Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Will it be garden soil? Or perhaps a mailbox?

  • Health
  • Macaulay Culkin
  • Macaulay Culkin Answers Your Dumb Questions

What’s In Mack’s Medicine Cabinet? Oh, It’s A Bunch Of Dead Parrots

What? Oh no.

  • Wrestling

The Battle Of The Joes

So much carnage. So many Joes.

  • Lifestyle

Faking A Horrific Car Crash And 4 Other 2019 Proposal Trends

We guarantee you'll break the internet.

  • Lifestyle

Adult Diaper Play The Eco-Friendly Way With Reusable Diapers

Adult diaper play is nothing to be ashamed of...but abusing the earth IS.