Bond With Your Kids By Playing “Fuck, Marry, Kill” With Them

July 6, 2019 by , featured in Lifestyle
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I am always trying to be mindful when it comes to parenting.What can I do to bond with my kids? How can I learn more about their interior lives and engage with them? How can I make them feel like they are a part of their community and engaged with those around them? That’s when it came to me: I started playing “fuck, marry, kill” with my children.

I encouraged them to be vocal with their opinions, and it’s amazing how much I’ve already learned about them. My oldest told me recently that she would totally fuck her music teacher, Mr. Blankenship, but would never marry him because he doesn’t appreciate Bach. I had no idea she loved Bach.

I liked to make the rounds as difficult as possible to really stimulate them intellectually. Aunt Jenny, Sharon their Sunday school teacher, and their priest was a particularly tough round for each of my children. Not only do I get to learn about my kids though playing, my kids get to learn about me. Whenever we play, they learn that I would never even consider marrying or fucking their dad ever again.

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Since we have added daily rounds of “fuck, marry, kill” to our routine, my bond with my children has never been stronger. I know their secrets and they know mine. It is priceless knowing that we would both totally fuck Mrs. Emerson, the math teacher.

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