Macaulay Culkin T-Shirt Made By Macaulay Culkin For Macaulay Culkin


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Hey, you! You, reading this. Are you international film star and classically trained ballet dancer Macaulay Culkin? Are you tired of people not recognizing that you are, in fact, Macaulay Culkin? Do you often wish your torso would remind people of how famous you are?

Then boy, have we got a shirt for you.

(Not Macaulay Culkin? Don’t worry, we won’t tell)

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    1. Rated 4 out of 5

      Kevin Magee

      I’m glad to know that this new T-shirt is in stock on the website, but I don’t think I have any plans to buy it now, I’m satisfied with the other Bunny Ears t-shirt I got and I like that one just as well!!!! A message for Macaulay: Macaulay, I just want to say I so happy that you’ve created the Bunny Ears website so I just wanted to say good luck with Bunny Ears and the podcast is so cool!!!! I want you to come to my home town of Magee,Mississippi soon!!!!! I have a set of Bunny Ears that I ordered from Amazon so they should be coming in within today or next week.. They were supposed to be in yesterday, but they will come eventually.. When should y’all be getting the Pizza Themed Bunny Ears in stock?

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