6 Wolverine Action Figures That Get His Tight Buns Just Right

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Wolverine is one of the most recognizable comic book characters of all time. He’s known for his deadly adamantium claws and pointy wolf-like hair. But arguably even more iconic are his firm, tight buns. There have been hundreds of Wolverine action figures over the years, but these six got Wolverine’s buns just right.


Sideshow Collectibles Brown Costume Wolverine, $479

This premium format statue by Sideshow Collectibles might be a little on the pricey side, but you have to remember you’re getting what you pay for—and that’s an expertly-crafted set of Wolverine buns. Check out the definition on those bad boys. Like a perfectly roasted butterflied chicken just begging for the swipe of a credit card.

MAFEX No. 096 Wolverine, $94.99

This set of blue-clad Wolverine buns bring the kind of bun-centric intensity your action figure collection needs. But be careful: These buns are so packed with mutagenic strength that they might poke an eye out. Don’t know about you, but that’s a risk we’re willing to take!

Marvel Legends Old Man Logan, $14.99

This older, grayer version of Wolverine may be lacking his tall pointy hair, but what he’s missing up top he more than makes up for with an excellent plastic rendering of his iconic tight buns. Makes you want to slide a hand into those back pockets while you stroll through a park with a version of Wolverine who’s outlived everyone he’s ever loved.

YAMAGUCHI Revoltech No. 005 Wolverine, $74.99

This anime-inspired take on Wolverine’s steely yellow-and-blue buns definitely captures the clenched intensity we’re used to seeing in the comics. Even better, this figure can be posed in any number of ways. And no matter how you pose it, those buns will always look like a couple of ripe cantaloupes beggin’ for a squeezin’.

Kotobukiya Marvel Now! Wolverine ArtFX+ Statue, $54.99

Wolverine’s scrumptious buns are so iconic they should be dipped in gold and put on a shelf. And this gorgeous Kotobukiya statute does just that. These buns are like two golden goose eggs tucked within a tight muscle nest.

Marvel Collector’s Gallery 1992 Wolverine, $143.99

One look at these buns and you’ll be transported back to the days of Chris Claremont—the iconic X-Men comics writer who single-handedly made Wolverine’s fierce buns the stuff of legends. Perfect for the nostalgia-loving bun collector.

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