Bunny Ears Podcast 41: LIST-O-MANIA (Annotated)

October 17, 2018 by
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Hello Warren; it’s me, Matt Cohen. Yes- THAT Matt Cohen. Wait- not that one… the other one.


This week, Stewart P Miller from Columbus Ohio joined Mack and myself for another edition of “Top 5 list episode podcast thing”. Basically, Mack, Stew and myself came up with 6 categories of “Top 5” lists and just go back and forth reading out their choices.

Said choices went down a lot like this (exactly like this; Im being clever)

This was a super fun episode to record, cause like… I know what I like. Do you have choices for these categories? I would hope so, and if you don’t, you should talk to someone. Anyway, what are your choices? Sound off in the comments? Is that a thing, Shawn? Do we have comments?

Anyway, tune in next week for a Mack and Matt conversation with a twist and coming at the end of October; big changes afoot for the Bunny Ears podcast program! Ominous warning!

Also- what are you dressing up as for Halloween? Sound off in the comments! (Double checking with EIC: Shawn Depasquale- is this a thing? Hit me up in Slack)

Also… fuck Craig the Intern.

Matt Cohen

  • Parts Unknown

[EDITOR’S NOTE: Matt is no longer subject to editorial oversight. This is all him, folks.]

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