Bunny Ears Podcast 43: Is This It?

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Bunny Ears Podcast 42: The Ultimate Questions and Answers (Annotated)

The guys are going to answer more important questions from you on this week’s Bunny Ears Podcast.

Bunny Ears Podcast

Bunny Ears Podcast 39: BROADWAY BOUND with Matt Bennett (Annotated)

Salutations, Internet; or more specifically, Warren. It’s your old friend Matt Cohen. The same Matt Cohen who was voted America’s number one Podcasting Matt Cohen, three years in a row. This week, Mack (Devon/Rory/Keiran/JTT/Pikachu) and I are joined by former guest and friend of the show, Matt Bennett (from Victorious, Bridesmaids, The Virginity Hit, Me […]

people festival
Bunny Ears Podcast 38: P-E-O-P-L-E Festival Part 2 (Annotated)

Sup Warren? Matt Cohen here, again: apparently Craig needs something called “Condolence Time” which I think he made up, but alas; here I am, to talk to you about this weeks episode of the world (Earth) famous Bunny Ears Podcast podcast. (Warning; this will contain a lot of parentheticals) This week, Mack and myself present […]

people festival
Bunny Ears Podcast 37: P-E-O-P-L-E Festival Part 1 (Annotated)

  Hey Warren; sup with it? It’s Matt Cohen here. Yes, THAT Matt Cohen. Oh wait, not THAT one. The other one. SOMEONE (screw you, Shawn) gave Craig the Intern the week off to attend a funeral, which I am now and was then, totally against, as I’m trying to build up some character in […]

Chris Jericho
Bunny Ears Podcast 36: Chris Jericho (Annotated)

Hi, I’m Craig The Intern. They make me transcribe these every week. Everything’s going great so far!  I’m learning a lot this week, and you will too. Apparently there’s a country called “Canada”? The Guest: The lionheart, the Ayatollah of Rock N’ Rolla, Y2J…Chris Jericho! The Lowdown: Bunny Ears…IS…JERICHO! But first Mack has to redo […]

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