Episode 34 – Hot Hot Heat (Annotated)

November 10, 2022 by , featured in Bunny Ears Podcast
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Hi, I’m Craig The Intern, and they make me transcribe these every week. Everything’s going great so far! I want to die.

The Guest: No guest just unrelenting heat.

The Lowdown:

This week, Mack, Matt and a returning and triumphant Stew have recorded a podcast about how hot it currently is in New York City. It’s apparently very hot.

And… so I could “feel their pain”, Matt has ordered that I write this recap from a parked car, sat in the sun, with the windows closed and also for some reason the song “What Would You Do? By City High on repeat.

So… I’m now hot too.

The boys are also hot, and they complain about it a bunch, in detail, including stuff about their “Junk” which I didnt appreciate.

They try and remember the hottest places they’ve ever been, but they’re wrong because none of them have been in this Mercury Montego.

The chat segues into them being hot some more (real one note if you ask me, but no one ever does and I’ve been told my opinion is worthless anyway), and then they discuss ways to beat the heat. Swimming? Air conditioners? Letting me out of this car?

For some reason, animals come up, and the boys discuss which animal is best suited for hot weather. Answer; NOT Craig the Intern. I can taste my own blood, right now.

Mack suggest Matt gets a ferret and Stew talks about skunks and honestly why do I even do this to myself? I have a BFA from Five Towns College. I was voted most likely to vote, my senior year in high school. I’m better than this. WE’RE better than this!

Then they talk about ice, and ice cream, and vanilla ice, and maybe… polar bears? I kind of stopped paying attention when I realized that I can’t feel my fingers. Wait- are fingers a thing you can feel? Like… your OWN fingers? Is that a thing?

Meanwhile, Stew is still talking about Skunks? Apparently you can de-scent them. I wish someone would de-skin me.

I’m Mr. green Christmas
I’m Mr. Sun.
I’m Mr. Heat Blister
I’m Mr. One Hundred and one
They call me Heat Miser
Whatever I touch
Starts to melt in my clutch.
I’m too much!
He’s mister Heat Miser
He’s mister sun
He’s mister heat blister
He’s mister hundred and one
They call me Heat Miser
Whatever I touch
Starts to melt in my clutch.
He’s too much
I never wanna know a day
That’s under 60 degrees.
I’d rather have it
80, 90, 100 degrees!
They call me Heat Miser
Whatever I touch
Starts to melt in my clutch.
I’m too much
Too much!

Those are the lyrics to the Heatmiser song from Year Without a Santa Claus. I stopped listening to the podcast a while ago and now am just repeating the Heatmiser song over and over and over, hoping that if I give in and dedicate myself to him fully he will MAKE THIS ALL GO AWAY.

Then they do plugs and mention the voicemail and tell everyone to suck dick.

I hate podcasts.

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  1. For this Hot Hot Heat episode, I would have never thought that New York would be hot outside.. If you want to see even more hot weather, try Mississippi (My home state) Mississippi does get quite hot.. I thought New York was cold…

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