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What The Heck Is This Place?!

Bunny Ears is a world-class comedy brand created in 2017 when former Pagemaster Macaulay Culkin woke up from his long slumber (fondly referred to as the “Culkin-Sleep”), took a hard look at the Internet, and realized it was all pretty shitty. The World community was crying out for comfort so Mack traveled the far reaches of Earth, collecting the funniest, strangest, and horngriest (horny when hungry) fellow comedy writers to answer that call.

But What Do You Do?!

about us
Waffles! Look at them. Yum!

We create premium lifestyle content (some call it “satire”, others call it “The Word”) relating to proclivities, diet & exploration, upscale culture, and whatever else enriches lives and promote chuckles. Chuckles lead to smiles. Smiles lead to happiness. Happiness leads to love. And love, of course, brings your family home after they accidentally go on an extravagant Christmas vacation to Paris without you.

Bunny Ears has podcasts, articles about everything from Old-Time Car Sounds To Make During A Breast Exam to exploring if The Sims will take revenge on you after The Singularity, video content, and real live bugs. That’s right, we buy bugs. As many as you need. No questions asked.


about us
They read Bunny Ears, and so should YOU!

We have vetted all the products and methods we recommend on this site and would never share something with our audience that we didn’t think was worthy of your time and money. We value every spare dollar you have to spend and will never encourage you to waste your money on frivolous items that haven’t already been tested by our top team of testers.

Our passion is bringing laugh-out-loud funny, thought-provoking, and unique content to you, dear reader, so please give your built-in computer camera a hearty thumbs-up so we know you’re enjoying it. Wow, you have a very nice smile!




The Publisher/CEO Macaulay “Mack” Culkin

The Chief Creative Officer Shawn DePasquale

The Money Man/CFO Stewart P. Miller (From Columbus, Ohio)

The Editor in Chief, Executive Best Boy, And Chief Lifestyle Janitor Tom Hawkins

The Managing Editor Toria Sheffield

The Senior Editor Amanda Mannen

The Secret Editor Luis Prada

The Writers Alexis Novak, Allison MickAmanda Mannen, Ana Bagayan, Anabel Kane, Angelo Fazio, Annelise Dekker-Hernandez, Anya VolzArchie Grimm, B Hord Brendan Fitzgibbons, Brian Boone, Brian Steele, Carmen AngelicaCarolyn Burke, Chester Allison, Colin Weldon, Connie Shin, Courtney Paige-BarnettCraig, the Intern, Cristian Ramirez, Dan GerdudeDaniel O’Brien, David Bell, Dave Kushner, “Dr.” Guru King Nartec Jeff RobertsDyana GoldmanElijah Taylor, Elizabeth TeetsElla Gale, Emily LeightyGenevieve KaneHana Michels, Heidi Lux, Jason Shapiro, Jessica Ellis, Kai Jett TrippersonKatie GoldinKathy BenjaminKelly Wallace-Barnhill, Ken Hanley, Kevin Anderson, Luis PradaLuke Y. Thompson, Lydia BuggMadeleine Koestner, Mark HillMatt Cohen, Matt Mazany, Matt Weir, Michael Dawson, Michael Swaim, Miss CheeVious, Natasha King, Nick BrownNick Roth, Rani BakerRosa PasquarellaRyan Nemeth, Sammi SkolmoskiSaundra Sorenson, Steven ShehoriStewart Miller, Tom Reimann, Toria Sheffield, Vanessa GrittonW. Stuart Ross, Zanandi Botes

The Graphic Designers Sherard Jackson, Zachary Trover

Senior VP of Product Management Andy “The Deemster” Deemer


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