Your September Horoscope!

November 12, 2022 by , featured in Horoscopes
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There are no more stars. You look up into the night and all you see is an inky void. It is calming somehow. Refreshing. Clear.


You can remember a time when there were stars, little dots of light in your life that gave meaning to the things you did. A time when you knew happiness, and were content with mediocrity.


All of that is gone now. You look around hoping for a sign, anything to give you assurance that you’ve made the right decisions, but you know you haven’t. You’ve wasted your potential and now you are regretting every step that brought you to this moment.


There are no answers for you here. There is nothing that can help you.


The stars are gone.




Except for Virgo. You will soon see a great financial change in your life, for the better! Your lucky numbers this month are 7, 19, 51, and 94! Have a great day everyone!


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  1. Bro I m virgo and I have my birthday on 18 Sept and plus my mid term exams…what is in store for me

    1. You will do well enough on your exam, but your crush is going to go on vacation, where they will meet their soulmate. Good news for you dude, they have no idea and completely miss their one chance at true happiness!

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