Bunny Ears Podcast 39: BROADWAY BOUND with Matt Bennett (Annotated)

November 26, 2022 by , featured in Bunny Ears Podcast
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Salutations, Internet; or more specifically, Warren.

It’s your old friend Matt Cohen. The same Matt Cohen who was voted America’s number one Podcasting Matt Cohen, three years in a row.

This week, Mack (Devon/Rory/Keiran/JTT/Pikachu) and I are joined by former guest and friend of the show, Matt Bennett (from Victorious, Bridesmaids, The Virginity Hit, Me Earl and the Dying Girl, Terminal Cases, an episode of The Big Bang Theory, and so much more!) for a discussion about all things Musicals and Musical Theater; a subject our hosts are semi-qualified to talk about.

I try and remember what Anything Goes is about (while definitely remembering my one and only line from the show) and we get into “First Shows”. We talk about the Westbury Music Fair (What up Nassau County!?!) and what it would be like to perform on a rotating stage. Hint: it’d be dizzy.

Matt Bennett takes the gang through a description of The Who’s Tommy the famous musical/movie/t-shirt, and Matt is shocked to learn it really is about a pinball wizard. We chat about other bands that made musicals, including U2’s Bono and his short lived (but casualty heavy) show, Spider-man: Turn off the Dark. We agree that while it sounded cool, it’s probably better off being retired.

The BULK of the conversation is about Matt Bennett’s love for the musical Rent; and his INSANE super-fan knowledge of it. I say that, because I never saw it; he could just be a regular super-fan. The insane part may be embellishment. While Mack is familiar with the show, I have never seen it; though I do SORT of know one song from it… which I sing for the rest of the episode… a lot. I’m sorry. Genuinely.

We also discuss favorite our shows; Bennett’s include Rent (obviously) and Hedwig and the Angry Inch. I liked Les Miserables, Hamilton and Avenue Q. Culkin, it turns out, is a huge Gilbert and Sullivan fan (he even brings up that one Simpsons episode where Sideshow Bob performs HMS Pinafore). The conversation switches to how much Bennett enjoys watching high school productions of musicals on YouTube.

It’s also revealed that I’m the only one who likes Baz Luhrman movies. At which point we discuss other movie musicals such as Chicago, South Park and Moulin Rouge (which nobody liked except for me). Will Hamilton ever be made into a movie? And if so can I play Lafayette? All these burning topics and more are discussed on the best podcast of all time!

We finish the show with some more chatter about Les Miserables. Bennett and I (with some help from Mack) do our best to recap the story in a way that isn’t dull and boring. We somewhat succeed. Spoiler alert: It’s very French.

Tune in next week for a strictly non-musical episode recorded LIVE at Camp No Counselors and featuring returning faves Stew, Shawn D. and Michael Rosenbaum, as well as some fresh camper faces/voices for a chat about all things Camp No Counselors.

Keep it breezy and keep it sleazy.

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  1. Just thought you should know that today is Mean Girls day, October 3rd and a Wednesday. So that’s cool. Also, what air-horn app does Mack have?

  2. Moonbeam?

    Did any of you see ‘In the Heights’ ?

    I wish it was an exaggeration.

    Just need a balcony testimonial and then back to 2016.

    You jostle and jolt while I dumb down and emote others and the way they need us to look tonight.

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