Bunny Ears Podcast 35: Live (on Tape) From Starrcast! (Annotated)

November 14, 2022 by , featured in Bunny Ears Podcast
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Hi, I’m Craig The Intern. They make me transcribe these every week. Everything’s going great so far! The guys went to a cool convention and I didn’t get invited, and then they didn’t tell me this was this week’s podcast until pretty late, but that’s okay! I cancelled my plans to stay home and write this recap (I’d just have been a burden at my grandma’s funeral anyways).

The Guests:

Wrestling superstars Cody Rhodes and Kenny Omega.

The Lowdown:

Is Casper the ghost of Richie Rich, because that would make Mack and Sawa the same, sort of? This is the question we ponder only to immediately discard it. We are live from Starrcast, the wrestling convention in Schaumburg, Illinois, outside of Chicago…live recorded, anyway, because that already happened. And it was apprently early in the a.m. when this happened. It’s a happening, folks. As Gorilla Monsoon and M. Night Shyamalna used to say, and Super Mario probably still does.

It’s the morning after the All In wrestling show and Mack and Matt imply they might be hung over, or at least sleep-deprived. Seems like everyone at the convention was also at that show. Mack recalls being seen on camera during WrestleMania VII, and rags on the Slaughter/Hogan match. Mack talks about challenging all the wrestlers yesterday to thumb wrestling matches, and describes the size of Teddy Long’s thumbs, and how some of the pro-wrestlers don’t seem to know what thumb wrestling is.

They talk about Medieval Times again, and how they didn’t know characters could die in the Medieval times “canon.” Maybe they’ll compete in that arena someday, and help the squires revolt.

It’s time for the first guest, the NWA world champion Cody Rhodes, and he brought the belt. He also has his own official socks. He also sounds tired, even though he claims not to be. He discusses the original idea of All In about a year ago, when he was on a wrestling tour that was working smaller arenas, and he noticed that everyone liked each other and got along, as opposed to the bigger leagues where there’s competitiveness and not a lot of close friendships. They started pushing for a larger building and then the president of Ring of Honor basically dared them to put on a large show, telling them they could breach contract if they wanted.

Mack’s Uber driver was impressed by the show, anyway. And we learn Cody loves Medieval Times and has a deep respect for the art of it. He recalls picking up one of the weapons for a photo op, and it was the ax and it turned out to be razor sharp. Matt remembers a New York monster-themed restaurant called Jekyll and Hyde, and it sounds pretty cool, but Mack says the food sucked.

Cody loves Universal Studios Orlando, and wrote a book report of Islands of Adventure before it opened. They reminisce about older rides, and Cody plugs the YouTube channel Defunctland that we’ve heard plugged on this show before, in this case because of a Disaster ride presentation that was legendarily terrible.

Surprise guest! IWGP champion Kenny Omega crashes the ‘cast! He likes Universal Studios in Japan, and discusses a seasonal Japanese attraction four times a year, usually based on something like Resident Evil or Sailor Moon. Mack’s a Disneyland guy: they discuss hidden trivia like the bedroom in Cinderella’s castle, and the Matterhorn basketball half-court. Then they move on to Disney Sea in Tokyo and how bonkers it is. But also how clean it is, how good for dates it is, and how sad it is when wrestlers in Japan go there and don’t have their spouses with them. I don’t have a spouse so I feel no pity whatsoever.

Cody wants Captain Eo back, and Matt talks about how Doug Benson’s a background extra in it. Then they talk about video games and the Mortal Kombat movie. Cody manages to find redeeming aspects to the sequel, even. Quite rightly, they all love the Street Fighter movie now.

On the set of Arrow, Cody says all he ever hears is what a terrible person Jean-Claude Van Damme is, then Kenny tells a funny story about meeting Rob Van Dam for the first time. Cody counters with a Bob Holly anecdote that’s similar but more hostile, arguably.

They talk a bit more about the details of running the show, and realizing they had to pay people. Wait, people get paid for doing work? How come I never do? Anyway, Cody and Kenny reveal which Hogwarts houses they’re part of. Mack’s patronus is a mastiff. They talk more Harry Potter, and the news that Star Wars land in Disneyland will serve booze. I need booze. Anybody got some, or should I just sniff paint thinner again? No paint thinner. Maybe these markers will work…

No, still conscious. And now everyone’s taking about how booze at Disneyland is like wrestling not having the same suspension of disbelief it used to. Kenny met Cookie Monster in Japan and thought it was the real one. This leads to discussion of Duffy the Disney bear, who’s big in Disney Sea. But then at Disney’s California Adventure, he’s the “Wrestling Superstar Virgil” of the park. Except not for Cody’s wife Brandi, who takes her Duffy everywhere. Mack flies with a teddy bear too, named Benedict Eduardo III Esq. Cody talks about why his dog was part of the show last night, memories of the old WWE Kennel From Hell match, and the cat that used to be a station master in Japan.

Then the subject turns to Batman for a bit. Batman Day is soon, I think.

What are the best wrestling animals? Does the Gobbledygooker count? Cody mentions a Steve McMichael/Brian Adams match from WCW’s Road Wild as the definitive “Mongo” match, in which “everything” happened. Damian is the best wrestling animal, they all decide, but realize there are some very sad stories about the many “Damians.”

Now they’re on to favorite Star Trek episodes for some reason. I like the ones with Neelix. He seems like a good dude. I bet he’d pay me an hourly wage to cook space food.

They wonder what the name is of the nipple creature in The Last Jedi. Nobody in attendance knows. (It’s a Thala-Siren.) No-one has seen Solo here either except one person, apparently.

Mack touches the title belt. We listening to audio only don’t know which one. Before we go, we find out if Cody and Kenny would fight wizards

The Highlights:

28:40 Mortal Kombat Annihilation, and what’s actually good about it

32:30 Kenny meets RVD, and it goes unexpectedly

39:30 Cody Rhodes is a Hufflepuff. What’s Kenny?

48:12 Kenny Omega tells the origin story of Mickey Mouse’s teddy bear Duffy

The Links:

-If Mack’s going to recommend the Medieval Times Wikipedia page, you should read it!

-While you’re at it, check out the Wikipedia page for ALL IN as well, if you didn’t get the references on this show. Here’s a fan video of Cody and his dog:

-While I can’t find video, here’s a description of that Road Wild Steve “Mongo” McMichael vs. Brian Adams match.

-Everything we know about the Star Wars Thala-Siren.

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  1. Had the pleasure of seeing Macauley Culkins first live podcast in Chicago yesterday it was a pleasure seeing the performance. Wished Macauley could have took time for fans yesterday waiting for him I came over 2 hours to see him and hopefully get a photo signed. This didnt happen which came to a big dissapointment. Missed out even the signed prints that were at the table wished they had more available since he couldnt stop for fans. His work is a big part of my life it would mean the world to me if he could let me send in a photo to get signed or send me a complimentary signed print from the booth. This would truly mean the world to me havent had much good luck past few months. Wish Mack a happy belated bday and help make this happen. Sincerely, Josh

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