We Regret Defending PaRappa The Rapper’s Use Of The N-Word

February 21, 2022 by , featured in Video Games
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Recently, an article unearthed from the archives of our previous website, www.angelfire.com/admin/macksstuff/taxdodges/bunnyears.html, has prompted questions from fans. Rather than shirk responsibility, we’re just going to come out and admit it: Yes, we did write a strong defense of PaRappa the Rapper’s use of the n-word. All we can say is that these last two decades have given us ample time for reflection, and today we truly feel like little turkeys. We were in the wrong, and we would like to take this opportunity to stop the proverbial car and check our privilege.

Many of you know that this rapping dog took the world by storm with his charming tracks about visiting the flea market and learning to drive. What’s less well-known is PaRappa’s secret bonus track, which was loaded with racial slurs, as well as explicit descriptions of his many sexual conquests.

And while we may have defended this in the past, we thankfully got a lesson from teacher about how cultural appropriation is not all in the mind, but instead can bring up painful memories, trivialize a person’s experiences, and create the false impression that systemic racism is no longer an issue.

And so we sincerely apologize for arguments we now see as clearly wrong, like “gamers are a minority, too” and “Quentin Tarantino said it was okay.” We simply didn’t know any better (and who, all the way back in the ‘90s, could have?)—but now we do. PaRappa should not have employed such language, and the fact that he continues to defend it today has caused us to renounce our fandom. He is no H-E-R-O, but instead continues to cash in on an ill-gotten reputation built on copying superior but less-known rappers. We will now have to look elsewhere for tracks about going to the bathroom (a sacrifice we make willingly because we gotta redeem our failures, relieve the situation, and receive your feedback).

Oh, and we also regret our defense of PaRappa calling Sunny Funny a “bitch”, because the argument that “if female dogs can say it then obviously male dogs should also be able to” clearly no longer has a funky flow in this day and age. We gotta believe that we can do better.

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