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May 3, 2022 by , featured in Wrestling
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Retro t-shirts have been a fashion staple for years, and retro wrestling t-shirts are hotter than ever. As a collector, I love to share some of the more unique and eye-catching retro wrestling shirts out there. See below for my current faves:

George “The Animal” Steele, WWF 1985 (Size XXL)

Released in 1985 at the height of his popularity, this flattering shirt, featuring real back hair collected in the ring after several of Steele’s matches, was recalled almost immediately by the CDC as a biohazard. Now it fetches a cool $500 on the collector’s market!

The Red Rooster, WWF 1987 (Size M)

Hulk Hogan’s Hulkamaniacs, John Cena’s Cenation, Chris Jericho’s Jericholics, and the Red Rooster’s Cock Gang. All legendary fandoms within the world of professional wrestling. What kid wasn’t rocking one of these to 4th grade back in the day?

X-Pac, WWF 1998 (Size Toddler Small)

The ’90s were a simpler time. As the WWF went public at the height of the “Attitude Era,” they also explored several new revenue streams, including the “Kidz Attitude” Toddler Line. A class-action lawsuit ensued over both the above toddler shirt and Mr. Ass’s “I like to Eat Ass” infant onesie.

The APA, WWF 1999 (Size M)

This was actually the shirt design for a failed casual restaurant concept the then-WWF tried out in the late 90’s. Not sure why it didn’t catch on as it sounded lovely.

Check back next month when I bring you even more of my favorite retro wrestling t-shirts!

Images: Unsplash

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