The 5 Best Places In The World To Shamelessly Rock A Fanny Pack

December 28, 2021 by , featured in Travel Guides
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I travel a lot. I’ve been to Rome, France, Yankee Stadium, Knott’s Scary Farm, and a ton of other really cool places. I’m a passport-carrying citizen of the world, and yet I still get scoffs and dirty looks when I rock my fanny pack. What gives?! 

Fanny packs are both functional and stylin’. Some cake-sniffers refuse to acknowledge how special they are, but that doesn’t stop us proud fanny fans from fanny packing from city to city. We are proud of who we are, and there are dozens of wonderful attractions near and far that welcome us with open arms. Beautiful, understanding places to wear fanny packs.

Stockholm, Sweden

The Swedes are great people. They’re always smiling and nice to me! And guess what? They love fanny packs. When I was traveling with my pen pal, Steve, in Stockholm last November, we wore our under-tummy treasure troves with pride. I could easily store the gummy candies and trinkets I acquired along the way, and I never had to worry about losing my passport! No stares. No scoffs. All smiles.

Epcot Center, Disney World (Orlando, Florida)

Imagine looking out upon a sea of fanny brethren happily wearing their khaki shorts and fun hats, unburdened by bulky pockets and living in the moment because they know where all their things are. This little slice of heaven is called Epcot Center. I go back every April to this place to wear fanny packs, visit all the fun little countries, get all my cultural learning in, and feel safe with my people. 

Any Doobie Brothers Show (Various Locations)

places to wear fanny packs

Old dudes letting loose is the perfect recipe for fanny pack fun. When you’re at a Doobie show, you might have a beer or partake in Mother Nature’s medicine, so you definitely don’t want to worry about where your stash of mints are. Enjoy the grooves of America’s favorite Southern brothers and dance the night away while your fanny pack flaps free. 

The Mall of America (Minneapolis, MN)

The Mall of America is fanny pack central. I love strutting around this fanny haven with my precious cargo zipped up right under my belly.  Last October, on one of my many trips to the Midwest to see Uncle Rick, I struck up one of the best conversations of my life outside the Bath & Body Works, all because a fellow fanny fan complimented my Snoopy fanny pack. We even became Facebook friends!

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  1. That picture of “Stockholm” is actually from Gothenburg, also sweden, but on the west coast. I live there. On a hill behind the nice building to the right (with the fancy water reflection) me and my friend were sitting on a rock getting drunk a couple of weekends ago. we were listening to some DJ playing catchy songs from the restaurant in the orange-brown building to the right of the fancy building. Sadly the clubs in sweden cant play music outside in the late hours, so the fun only lasted for a couple of minutes after our arrival to the rock. The fancy building is a fish market by the way. Has been for aaaages. It stinks. And my friends parents used to live in a fort looking building that is to far out right to fit in the photo. We used to preparty there as students, on baccardi razz our flavored vodka, always combined with different schweppe tonics. The yellow house with the red roof is a space for cultural events. And this one time I went to the yellow building with turquoise roof have some sort of education when I started my new job at the swedish social insurance agency (ok, we have more than one of those, but anyhow..). And behind these two yellow building I just mentioned, you can find järntorget (Iron Square) where the youth enjoy themselves at like a billion different bars. My life sort of happened there. Being drunk, screaming att exes or licking the tram window as saying good bye to a friend after a rewarding night and so on. And there is an awesome tour boat called Paddan (the toad) you can ride in the canal. The tour contains a lot of dad jokes, f you are into that. And fanny packs are super fine in Gothenburg also, if ju just remember to wear them shoulder-to-waist, that is important, ok. Welcome to Gothenburg the next time you are in Sweden! Its lovely.

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