I Put A Stink Bomb In The Truck Near The S.S. Anne And You Missed It!

January 28, 2022 by , featured in Video Games
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Hi! It’s me! MissingNo! Your favorite Pokémon who is definitely a Pokémon and not a mistake no matter what my parents say! It’s been over 20 years and you don’t write, call, or thank me for discreetly modifying your game to make it sexier. You never even found the stink bomb I hid inside the truck near the S.S. Anne! Hurtful!

Just like the old man you had to encounter to capture me, the stink bomb I hid inside that truck is EXTRA STINKY. You were suspicious of that truck’s location. I know it. You wasted your childhood trying to move that truck, BUT YOU NEVER LOOKED INSIDE. You were looking for Mew, weren’t you? The pretty cousin. The one everyone loves. Well, you were gonna get a face full of stink for your hubris!

You Should Have Appreciated Me

I gave you everything you wanted! A bunch of items in your sixth item slot, power, fame, sometimes less fame than before you met me. But you didn’t appreciate me. Ask anyone who their favorite Pokémon is, and literally no one answers, “It’s that cool guy MissingNo. The one who gave me 128 master balls, who looks cool and not chunky!” Nobody. You deserved all the stink you would have gotten if you weren’t too dumb to figure out how to look inside the truck! Dumb!

I never asked to be born through a bunch of code glitches! But that doesn’t mAke Me a mistaake. I’m PlentY put together.

  • I’ll Mess uP Your Game, Blue! BLUUUE. BLUUUUE. BLue, WhAt HapPened To US?
  • ARE yOU StiLl SiNGle:
  • You caN’t FIX ME I AM NOT GL11111Tch, Dad 
  • Here IS suspicious Rare CAnDy FroM UnMarKed Sea TrUCK I puT It IN Your SexIest Sixxxxxxxth iitem slot YOU EAT CANDY NOW.

u caNNOt be Girl UnTil Crystal vErSion IN 2001, The YEAr I DiD 9/11////

HaiL THe CHunky MisSsingNo. THe Best #1 StiNK ® 

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