The Mean Street Posse: Where They Are Today

July 27, 2019 by , featured in Wrestling
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We spent nearly six months tracking down the members of one of the most notorious factions in WWE history: The Mean Street Posse. After navigating something called the “Metro North” from NYC, we found Greenwich, the 10th largest municipality in Connecticut, and, perhaps miraculously, the posse that once dominated its Mean Streets.

Rodimus “Rodney” Rodneyson

mean street posse

Rodney was the easiest to track down, immediately responding to an e-mail we sent to an America Online profile that was somehow still in use. We caught up with him while he was hanging out outside a roller-skating rink in Armonk, CT. This is what he had to say:

“Yeah, you know, being an Alpha like me, I can see why Shane felt he had to leave Greenwich and get out of my shadow. As long as I lived here, I was gonna be the leader of the Posse. We all knew that. So Shane left to do his thing. We don’t talk much; he’s really busy, but so am I. It’s not like I’m just waiting around for Shane to call me back, or text, or e-mail me, or whatever. If you talk to him, let him know I still have my old pager number, okay?”

Pete “Pete Gas ” Gasparino

mean street posse

After his wrestling days wrapped up, Pete could be found cage fighting throughout Six Flags theme parks across the American southwest. It was there that Pete fell in with the Yakuza, and then the lesser-known Hungarian Yakuza. We weren’t able to score an interview with Pete, but we were able to confirm that he joined the Witness Protection Program. “Peter,” as he’s now called, is a father of three who owns a dog-grooming business in North Castle, Connecticut. Here’s a Google Maps link to his house.

Joseph “Joey Abs” Abdominallini-Musclesini

mean street posse

Joey Abs never quite fit in with the Mean Street Posse. It wasn’t his looks, muscle mass, or style. No, it was his yearning and appreciation for the classical arts. After leaving the Posse, he moved to Port Chester, NY, and has spent years as an appraiser for an Armonk, CT-based fine art auction house. While Joey agreed to speak to us, he spent most of the time unsuccessfully trying to convince me to go to the gallery with him after hours for “a glass of wine or two” because he could tell I “was a really intelligent girl.”

Grazzzulakk “Willie” Green

mean street posse

The most mysterious of the Posse members, “Mean” Willie Green has only been recorded on camera once (and even then he was shrouded in shadows, his voice distorted and face obscured completely). Following some leads from the Glass Bottle Eating Community, we were able to confirm that yes, Willie Green is a Glass Eating Monster from the 8th Dimension, as long theorized by Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer. He’s currently an insurance adjuster in Freeport, Rhode Island.

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