The Most Elegant Game Of Thrones Spoilers To Shave Into Your Pubic Hair

November 21, 2021 by , featured in Health
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Thanks to another round of inevitable cyber hacks, we’ve all known how the series finale of Game of Thrones would go down for months now. And diehard fans have found the perfect way to honor the fact that winter is going —  by shaving Game of Thrones spoilers into their pubes, of course!

Perhaps as expected, some have taken the trend to crass and predictable places. Do we really need the obvious Winter is Cumming and Khal Dongo jokes? No. No, we do not. But a few talented fans have elevated the trend with some truly elegant designs, and we have a feeling these GoT Season 8 pubic hair spoilers are about to blow up your timelines.

Dany And Jon Snow See A Sex Therapist

OK, incest, ew, gross. But now that’s out of the way, how cute is this, really? We all rooted for these crazy kids to hurry up and do the “Bone and Throne” despite the obvious obstacles. And you know what? Bless them for trying to make it work.

Arya Stark Is The New James Bond

Of course, the first-ever female Bond would trade in phallic handguns for a more intimate weapon. My particular favorite is this powerful depiction of the new Lady Bond stirring a vodka martini with her beloved Needle. Girl does her own thing, and we should all take some time to appreciate that.

Dany As A White Walker

Reports say Dany will be transformed after she loses her fated rap battle against the Night King. She shot her shot, but the zombie leader just had the illest flow. Some of my favorite iterations of this emotional moment depict the rumored reunion between the newly-turned White Walker and her ice dragon, Viserion. Aw.

Han Solo Dies

If you haven’t seen this spoiler yet, look away. Just as Gendry’s Baratheon blood is about to be legitimized, Han comes forward and claims the bastard as his own. Greedo takes this opportunity to finally get the drop on Han, officially putting an end to their decades-long rivalry. By this point, it’s too late for Gendry. Too much doubt has been cast over his claim to the throne and he’s marooned on Malastare.

It Was All In Bran’s Head The Whole Time

There’s no such thing as dragons, silly rabbit. Bran really did suffer a horrendous fall after catching Cersei and Jaime partaking in the love that dare not speak its name. And his legs really were shattered as a result. But that’s where the reality ends and Bran’s twisted mind begins. Bored and bed-bound, the young Stark dreamed up some seriously messed up shit starring his family and friends in a desperate attempt to pass the time and distract himself from his sad existence. Minds: Blown.

There you have it — some of the most creative Season 8 Game of Thrones spoilers shaved into pubic mounds. Send us your faves!

Images: HBO/Pixabay/Sherard Jackson

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