Year In Review: Our Best Articles About Butt Stuff

December 17, 2019 by , featured in Lifestyle
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Boy-oh-boy has it been an exciting year for our site! And even though we’re proud of each and every story we publish, it’s clear that you—the readers—respond to one particular topic more than literally any other: Butt stuff. That’s right. You guys love butts, and who can blame you? So in the spirit of giving you what you want, here’s our official year-end, rear-end review … as in our best articles about butt stuff. Enjoy!

1. “How To Tie-Dye Your Butthole”

This was literally our most popular article of the year, you freaks. Read it here.

2. “How To Bedazzle Your Butthole On A Budget”

Again … why? Regardless, check it out here.

3. “This New Muppet Teaches Your Kids About Butt Stuff”

This one was pretty depraved, but you loved it? Enjoy it again one more time here.

Macaulay Culkin Now: News, Videos, You Name It

4. “Trend Alert: Pumpkin Spice Your Butthole”

Our official site motto is: “If you write about buttholes, they will come.” Read it here.

5. “Romantic Mixtapes That Say ‘I Wanna Do Butt Stuff'”

We’ve been told this one is legit super helpful. See for yourself here.

6. “What You Need To Know About Butt Hickeys”

Inquiring minds want to know, apparently. Find out here.

7. “Quiz: What Type Of Anal Accessory Are You?”

Click here to find out once and for all.

There you have it! Our best articles about butt stuff. You’re so welcome.

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