How To Make Your ‘Outer Worlds’ Character The Kind Of Guy Amanda Might Be Into

April 6, 2022 by , featured in Video Games
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Before you start The Outer Worlds, the latest first-person RPG from Fallout: New Vegas developers Obsidian, you’ll need to create your character. Allotting a set amount of points between traits like strength, intelligence, and personality, as well as deciding what your character looks like, makes it feel like it’s you traveling the galaxy and wreaking havoc on evil corporations. But why make yourself as you are, when you could make a character that Amanda might be into?

You know, Amanda, that girl who’s been in your friend group since high school that you’ve been into for years? Maybe if you create the perfect man in The Outer Worlds, she’ll see what’s been right in front of her this whole time! Maybe.

First, Your Attributes

Dump all your starting attribute points into Dexterity. It may be tempting to go for Strength since generally girls go for big strong-jawed dudes, but Dexterity grants you proficiency with handguns, long guns, and heavy weapons. Don’t underestimate how much Amanda loves to slam a 12-pack of Bud and go to the gun range.

Next, Choose Your Skills

While you may be hesitant to drop your points into Tech (especially since Amanda wasn’t that impressed a few years back when you created an app and sold it to Google for millions), know that her attitude towards technology has changed since then. A tech-minded Outer Worlds character could appeal to Amanda, who keeps asking if you “know how to do credit card fraud.”

Decide How Your Character Will Look

Try to make your character look like a drug dealer. That’s Amanda’s type.

Finally, You’ll Pick an Aptitude

You’ll be tempted to choose the “Beverage Service Technician” aptitude, which gives a +3 to beverage consumption effects. However, even though Amanda says she “only feels like herself when she’s drunk,” you have to resist that urge.

See, Amanda’s been in a dark place for a long time now. Things have gone so well for you since you graduated, making all that money and becoming so successful and respected in the tech space. Meanwhile, the only thing Amanda’s done is get that job as a Bride of Frankenstein at that haunted house (and that’s just a seasonal gig).

Even your mutual friends are starting to turn on Amanda. They acknowledge she’s a “chill hang,” but she’s not the kind of friend you can count on, which becomes so much more important as we grow up. All your friends, even Ricky, keep saying you should move on; that Amanda’s not a “serious person.” But you don’t get to choose who you love, Ricky.

That’s why you’re picking the “Tossball Team Mascot” attribute—that gives a +1 bonus to companions’ inspiration, and that’s all Amanda needs to turn this around.

Images: Unsplash, Pixabay, Obsidian Entertainment

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