Which Disney’s ‘Gargoyles’ Character Reflects Your Fuck Style?

February 26, 2022 by , featured in Relationships, TV and Movies
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You may not know it, but every one of you can fuck like a goddamn gargoyle. The real question is: which one? Whether you’re familiar with the Disney animated series Gargoyles or not, there’s a character that reflects your sexual style and technique. Don’t believe us? See below to discover which Gargoyles character captures how you pound.


Gargoyles character

Your style is stoic and entails a quiet menace, which can be a turn on for those who are into that kind of thing. However, sometimes it can be a turn off since some folks need more intimacy and not a dildo/vagina made of cold granite. Also, like Goliath himself, your penis/vulva is large and purplish in hue.


Gargoyles character


You’re brash and hotheaded, coming in strong and falling short at first. But over time, you’ve learned how to use your temper and your long snout to your advantage. Also, like Brooklyn, your penis/vulva is slim and reddish in hue.


You have a voracious appetite and a keen ability to suckle meats down to the bone. Regardless of your genital-to-genital skills, your solid reputation is based on your readiness to chow down with your mouth (while following it up with a dramatic Shakespearean monologue). Also, like Broadway, your penis/vulva is thicc and has a bluish tint.


You’re eager, outgoing, and ready to explore every inch of your partner. You’re also a people pleaser, which can be equal parts satisfying and off-putting, depending on your partner. You like to move fast, which can be a negative, but your love of technology brings some fancy toys into the bedroom. Also, your penis/vulva is petite and green. See a doctor about that.


You’re a grizzled veteran in all things carnal. There is nothing you haven’t done before. Hell, you even lost sight in your left eye in a previous misadventure. While you’re up for a challenge, you occasionally pass on certain activities since they’re a “young ‘Goyles’ game,” and while you can finish your partner off, you’d usually just rather watch TV. Your genitals are fat and floppy.


Doggy style. That’s it. Just don’t sniff asses without permission. Your dick/vag is dog-like because your furry costume is way too anatomically detailed.

Images: Unsplash, Walt Disney Television

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