5 Ways Cody Rhodes Will Probably Traumatize His Dog On Live TV

March 15, 2022 by , featured in Wrestling
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Fans of wrestler Cody Rhodes are likely well aware of his beloved dog, Pharaoh. Pharaoh is featured (heavily) on Cody’s social media feeds, and the canine even appears at major wrestling events. And fans have been buzzing with one major question ever since Pharaoh was visibly upset by some nearby pyro during his owner’s Star Trek-themed entrance at All Out. Namely: What are some other ways that Cody will surely traumatize his dog on live television now that AEW is officially premiering on TNT? Well, you’re in luck. After crunching the numbers, we’ve come up with a list of the most likely ways that this will happen..

5. Putting Pharaoh in a Tag Team with a Running Vacuum Cleaner


AEW is known for crazy gimmicks. Wrestling librarians, cowboys, real-life dinosaurs, you name it. Just wait until AEW introduces its newest wrestler: a running vacuum cleaner. After their first match ends with Pharaoh running backstage and hiding under a table, Cody will take to Twitter and tell his followers, “How was I supposed to know dogs don’t like vacuum cleaners?”

Side note, if you’re wondering whether the vacuum cleaners’ catchphrase is “Suck It!” (as a direct shot at D-generation X), it is!

4. Trying to Give Pharaoh a Treat Live on Stage and Then Accidentally Dropping the Treat Off the Side of the Stage and Losing It


During Cody’s elaborate entrance before his match at Full Gear, he will bring Pharaoh on stage and offer him a treat to show the audience at home that he loves his dog. Unfortunately, Cody will drop the treat through the stage grating where it will be lost forever. After realizing his treat is gone, Pharaoh will whine loudly and the internet will be very mad.

3. Giving Marko Stunt a Veterinarian Gimmick

Completely unrelated to Pharaoh, Cody will give Marko Stunt a veterinarian gimmick. Every time Stunt walks past Pharaoh backstage, the dog will become agitated. This will result in a shoot promo where Brandi Rhodes has to explain to Cody that “Dogs don’t know the difference between kayfabe and reality.”

2. Calling an Opponent a “Bad Dog” In a Promo and Pharaoh Internalizes It and Thinks It’s About Him

When cutting a promo on a returning Dog Faced Gremlin Rick Steiner, Cody will call him a “bad dog.” Pharaoh will hear this over the loudspeakers in the venue, think it’s about him, and get really, really sad about it. For some reason, this moment will be captured on that week’s Being The Elite.

1. Giving Marko Stunt a Cat Gimmick

After Stunt’s veterinarian gimmick doesn’t get over, Cody will give Stunt a cat gimmick. It’ll work well until Pharaoh thinks Stunt is a real cat and bite him, which will result in Cody yelling at Pharaoh while Brandi yells at Cody.

Let us know if there’s any ways Cody will probably traumatize Pharaoh the Dog we may have missed!

Image: Cody Rhodes/Twitter

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