How To Find The Two NPCs Fucking In The Crowd In NBA 2K20

March 30, 2022 by , featured in Video Games
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You know how every once in a while, a sporting event’s TV camera will catch a couple engaging in explicit sexual behavior in the stands? Well, if you look hard enough in the new NBA 2K20 game, you’ll find one such couple totally going to town on each other in the crowd. You definitely have to put a little effort in if you want to watch them make love from foreplay to completion, but it’s well worth it. Here’s how to find them!

Step One: Create a Character

First, you have to start a fresh save file in MyCareer mode. Make sure your character is no more than 6’5” tall. Even an inch more and you won’t be able to see the couple engaging in a fairly raunchy sexual display that includes lots of mouth stuff.

Step Two: Play Out the Season as Usual

Feel free to simulate the outcome of some games if you want to save time—but not too many. One of the conditions you have to meet to unlock the Easter egg is leading the league in scoring. And even if you do make your character 6’5” and the scoring champ, you still might not see the couple taking turns touching each other’s slippery parts under a strategically-placed denim jacket unless your team makes it to a dramatic Game 7 in the finals.

Step Three: Call a Well-Placed Time Out

Once all the prior conditions are met, you’re ready for the final step. Call a timeout at any point in the third quarter of Game 7 and don’t skip the timeout huddle animation! Put the controller down and watch. You’ll find the incredibly inconsiderate couple just over your character’s head as he sits on the bench attentively listening to his coach. They’ll begin with some gentle kissing and mild groping, which soon gives way to erotic hand play. It’ll quickly devolve into a frenzied sexual bacchanalia so perverse and, at times, off-putting that we can’t show you screencaps here. (But why would you want to gawk at some still pictures anyway when you could unlock the filthy-yet-strangely-titillating moment for yourself?)

And if you enjoy NBA 2K20’s heightened realism, be sure to download WWE’s 2K20 “Shit Your Pants” mode DLC!

Image: 2K Sports

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