Self Care 101: Meditate To The Idea Of The Gang From ‘Entourage’

October 17, 2021 by , featured in Spiritual Wellness
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Life can get hectic—which is why harnessing your energy is critical for fostering a sense of serenity. Just like Vincent Chase and his group of bros, who got him through eight seasons of Entourage and one movie. Did they let the crazy ups and downs of Hollywood get the better of them? Sometimes. But they always found their center so they could keep chasing tail and going to sweet parties that overlooked killer views at sunset. And with the below meditation techniques you’ll find the inner peace you’re looking for so you can feel just like Ari when he said “Well call me Helen Keller because I’m a fucking miracle worker!”

Be Easy-E (for Eric)

Relax your mind and body, and take in the world around you as you slowly breathe in. Just like how Eric “E” Murphy took on a career as a manager even though he had zero experience in the industry. He used to manage a pizza place. Yet, in the end, that didn’t matter. E achieved success by carefully absorbing his surroundings, which usually had a lot of women who were scantily clad and speaking in whispery sexy voices.

T Is For Turtle

Breathing out now, expel that energy like Turtle would expel a sweet bong rip that he’d held in long enough to get totally high as balls. Life is your giant spliff. Smoke it to excess like Turtle did. He turned out fine in the end, making money like a BOSS.

Throw away all those worries, like how Vince and the gang threw away women. Those women weren’t whole complex characters. They were just down to go to town with the fellas. They weren’t written for any meaningful purpose, and neither are your problems. So it’s your time to hit it and quit it with those worries.

Live A (Johnny) Drama-Free Life

As you feel your mind wander, let negative thoughts pass you by, just like Johnny Drama let his career pass him by. Yeah, he started doing cartoons in the end, which was semi-lucrative. But he rode his brother’s coat tails to get there—because you don’t have to work hard, you just have to work smart(ish). Also, have a famous little bro. And remember when Johnny and Turtle had that threesome? That was wild, man, but also, it bonded them.

Now feel the stress of the day leave your body like one of Ari’s “playfully” homophobic rants at Lloyd. Know that once you get rid of those feelings you’ll be able to be a badass ballbuster just like he is. As you end your meditation, verbally release a loud and resounding “OH YEAAAAAAAAAH” like in the intro song to the TV show. Allow yourself to truly connect with the universe, yourself, and the gang that got in and out of so many scrapes in Hollywood like only a group of overly-privileged straight white dudes can.

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