You’ll Never Believe How Many Slides Are In This Slideshow Of Women Holding Mugs

November 12, 2021 by

This handcrafted slideshow of women holding mugs will astound your mind and sooth your soul.

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We know what you're thinking: How many pictures of women holding coffee mugs can we possibly have curated? We'll tell you on the next slide.
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You’re thinking probably five slides, maybe 10 at most, right? Any more than that would just be ridiculous. Yet, you still need to know. Curiosity whispers in your ear. How many pictures of ladies holding mugs can really be in this slideshow? Don’t worry. We'll tell you in the next slide.
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Just kidding, we own you now. You have no choice but to finish this slideshow. It'll keep you up at night if you don't. Was it seven pictures of women holding mugs or 200? You MUST know.
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What if one of these pictures of women holding coffee mugs reveals a deep truth about your innermost self? Better keep clicking. Or else!
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Wow, you're like halfway through this slideshow already! Or are you? Maybe you're actually right back at the beginning.
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Look familiar? Hahahahaha. You could quit now but there are so many more women and/or mugs you haven't seen yet.
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Welcome to the online version of the maze from The Shining. It's labyrinthian and terrifying, yet also somehow soothing and chamomile-scented.
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Yes. Be soothed by these decapitated women holding mugs. Want to guess how many mugs held by decapitated women we've got? Because we've got more.
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You don't need a head to enjoy holding a comforting mug—as we're about to prove with several more decapitated ladies! Wow, how many slides is this even? Can you believe how into lady mug-holding we are?
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This is 10 slides if you’ve lost count! This slideshow is just about to pop off, we promise. We're going to get into all of the women-holding-mugs classics, including...
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Woman ignoring her fitness class to stare wistfully out the window with her mug. Nothing says "I'm about to exercise" like a big hot beverage.
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Woman laughing at her mug but not actually drinking from it because you can't drink from the mug unless...
13 / 15
You're plotting a murder. Wow, we're 13 slides into this slideshow and we're not running out of female mug-holders.
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Wait a second is this a sex thing? Is there a sex thing about lady mug-holding? We're all about expressing your sexuality in healthy ways so we guess we support this? Here's another woman grasping a coffee mug for you, you perv.
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Well, you win. We're all out of mugs being carefully clutched by women. There were 15 slides of women holding mugs in this slideshow. You're free. Go out into the world knowing you have seen all of the ladies holding mugs. Maybe share this slideshow with your friends and trap them within the same chamomile-scented terror you just escaped.

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