These Prenatal Potatoes Pause Your Postpartum Depression

June 16, 2022 by , featured in Food and Recipes
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Both prenatal and postnatal self-care are vital when it comes to motherhood. The right foods, supplements, and healthful habits can make all the difference when your little one arrives, and this is perhaps especially true when it comes to avoiding postpartum depression.

While there’s no one way to 100% guarantee that postpartum depression won’t happen to you, there are definitely proactive steps you can take to reduce the risk, the latest and arguably most effective being prenatal potatoes.*

[EDITOR’S NOTEBunny Ears is legally obligated to inform you that this article is sponsored by the Potato Lobby of America.]


As many surely know, the potato is a highly beneficial source of nutrition and should ideally be consumed four to seven times a day, plus at meal times. What many don’t know is that this sophisticated super-starch is also known for both its healing and antioxidant properties.*

What’s more, several major (PLA-funded) studies found that a potato-rich diet helps to regulate blood sugar throughout the course of pregnancy as well as balance hormones in the weeks and month after birth. Potato size, variety, and type were all equally beneficial to the new mom, as long as those potatoes were grown right here in the ol’ U.S. of A. by our government-subsidized potato farmers. The studies also indicate that women who are expecting should limit their intake of almost all major food groups and exclusively replace them with—you guessed it—potatoes.

American-grown prenatal potatoes have also been known to enhance skin, hair, and sex drive. Furthermore, according to research that Bunny Ears is now contractually obligated to cite, not eating prenatal potatoes has been linked to heart disease, high cholesterol, and cholera.

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Don’t believe us? Just ask Senator Al Breiner of Springfield, Michigan; Congresswoman Joyce Denby of La Cruz, New Mexico; or Carl Pearson of the Ohio Summit County Supreme Court. All will be more than happy to tell you about the countless benefits potatoes offer both you and your unborn child, and all are up for reelection this November. They’re even working towards ensuring there’s more delicious, healthful potatoes in our schools, senior living communities, zoos, and public parks. If they won’t, well, they just might have a biiiig problem come canvassing season. Buttons don’t pay for themselves, Al Breiner, Joyce Denby, and Carl Pearson.

Where were we? Right. Pre-natal potatoes. Trust us, okay?

*not technically facts

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