Spring’s Hottest Looks Straight From The Runway

June 4, 2022 by , featured in Lifestyle
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Spring is around the corner and if you’re an aspiring fashionista like me, you’ll want to get your hands on these latest must-have items. I’ve scoured the runway searching for the best finds and I’ve got five here that do not disappoint! I’ll be rocking these pieces all spring long. Trust me, you’ll want to keep these looks on your radar.

Embellished High-Tops

hottest looks

Funky flats are in, y’all. These Christian Louboutin high-top sneakers are fierce as hell. They make any drab outfit (like the lame one I normally wear to work) POP. Check out those spikes on the toe box. Keeps away the haters and the accusers, know what I mean?

Cargo Pants

hottest looks

I always thought cargo pants were for just the guys and to be honest, that bummed me out! Just ‘cause I’m a woman, I have to juggle holding my orange batons while I take my cigarette break? I flipped when I found this pair of cargo pants that not only leave space for the ol’ batons, but also give me swagger because, ladies and gents, these pants are leopard print! They’re also loose around the legs, so they don’t stick when it’s a hot day on the tarmac. I highly recommend getting a pair.

Customized Name Bracelets

hottest looks

Remember that Carrie necklace from Sex and the City? Well, check this out–personalized jewelry is back. I love this bracelet because it’s made with DIAMONDS baby! Bling, bling. I put this on to hit the clubs and it has paid off! The other night when a busted dude asked me for my name, I didn’t even have to think quick. I already had “Emily” locked and loaded.

Sheer Bodysuits

hottest looks

Hell, yes. This bodysuit by Spanx makes me look ten pounds lighter. I threw this sexy number under my reflector vest and call me Emeril because I was like “Bam!” All eyes on me. My co-worker Juan was so turned on by my look that he asked me out. But I turned him down. In this thing honey, I’m gonna get me a pilot.

Stylish Raincoats

hottest looks

I’ve never seen a raincoat I was excited about until I found this floral one. You may just want to stand out in the rain (which luckily is part of my job) because it looks so fly! It’s perfect for travel because it rolls up–it was so small, I almost didn’t see it in the suitcase it was stuffed in. But by now I’ve got a good eye for spotting fashion finds.

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