Our Staff’s Celebrity Fuck List—In Slideshow Form

January 24, 2022 by

Don't pretend. We know that everyone has a celebrity sex list. That's why we decided it's high time we make our own list public. After all, transparency is so important in this day and age. So from Wanda Sykes to (yes) even Kieran Culkin, here's who our staff would most like to take to pound town. WARNING: It's about to get real hot in here, people!

1 / 10
Gene Hackman ("Fuck yeah!" - Shawn DePasquale)
2 / 10
Wanda Sykes ("Hubba, hubba!" - Tom Hawkins)
3 / 10
That Guy From Melrose Place ("So fuck-tastic!" - Toria Sheffield)
4 / 10
Lori Petty ("Remember her from 'A League of Their Own'? Anyone?" - Amanda Mannen)
5 / 10
Richard Moll, AKA Bull from Night Court ("He kind of looks like a penis and also has one." - Brian Boone)
6 / 10
Jim O'Heir ("Yes, please!" - Zanandi Botes)
7 / 10
Harvey Fierstein ("Who among us wouldn't?!" - Jenna Goldstein)
8 / 10
Kieran Culkin ("What sick monster put him on this list?" - Macaulay Culkin)
9 / 10
Bobcat Goldthwait ("When I was a kid, I used to have dreams where I married Bobcat Goldthwait. They used to confuse me. But as I grew older and more mature, I realized, yeah, I'd hit that." -Rani Baker)
10 / 10
The Statue of Liberty. Enough said.

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