8 Eclectic Bathroom Designs You Could Totally Bust A Fat Log In

October 17, 2021 by , featured in Health
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Some kids simply never stop coloring outside the lines. Thank goodness the interior design gods invented the eclectic style for when you need to mix art nouveau with cottage in order to create the perfect bathroom in which to fire out a swole log. We know you creative types shy away from suggestions, but just in case you need it, here are some of our favorite eclectic bathroom designs in which you and your family can really huff out a brown butter stick:

Benijófar Modern-Style Villa Dung Bog

Designed with transparency in mind, this contemporary bathroom features overhead lighting and a glass shower for when you really need to drown the otter whist your spouse lathers mere feet from your flexing anus. Oval porcelain vessel sinks eagerly await your taint-stained hands for when you finally pinch off your slick rope.

Old-Style Exposed Concrete Fart Tomb

Sometimes we don’t have a lot of space reserved for birthing rear-pudding like a Play-Doh Fun-Factory, and so this industrial style stank sauna is the perfect example of making the most out of very little. Put against exposed concrete and stone, the aluminum pipes running from your turd-pool to the great beyond serves not as a visual hindrance… but rather completes the chic industrial look of your diarrhea dungeon.

Provence-Style Waft Cottage

Now this is the kind of breezy and happy place where you could really anguish out a wet cigar. With half-tiled walls over Province style floor pattern, this chandelier-lit excrement farm somehow combines elegance and homey vibes at the same time.

Hardwood Classic Shart Factory

If you ever wanted to grunt out a tail in what looks like a kitchen, this bathroom is for you. The combination of a Victorian tub on polished hardwood creates an atmosphere unlike most bathrooms, almost as if you’ve broken into your boss’s family brownstone and disgruntledly laid soggy pipe in his breakfast nook. One standout feature has to be the vast amount of cabinet space to keep stacks upon stacks of rolled paper in which to smear your bottom gravy on.

Earthy Utopian Dump Out

This futuristic yet earthy grunt-box manages to bring a futuristic twist to the otherwise humdrum act of sweating out gorilla fingers. Containing no visible tank, this toad-hued poop haven makes you feel like you’re slopping slugs in a utopian robot apartment or some far-out starship. All aboard the USS Stinkfingers!

Art-Friendly Food Graveyard

Who says you can’t drop anchor and also be inspired? This half-tiled, claw-foot tub adorned nook is the perfect place to hang framed works for admiration whist noisily bubbling out a stream of hot corn soup. The added wooden dresser makes it both welcoming and a utilitarian masterpiece for holding the various wet wipes you’ll need due to often-violent splashback. It’s the kind of classy but down-to-earth locale you’d imagine Bill Pullman dunking a ripe grumpy.

Berry-Colored Intimate Hot Box

This strawberry accented slice of warm swamp pie is the perfect bathroom you’d expect in a honeymoon suite. The floor to near-ceiling tile is especially welcoming for any late-comers cursed with a low-resistance sphincter in need of easy cleanup. Enjoy the floral patterns playfully accenting this beautiful room as you sobbingly sop your wayward brown water with thin wads of sanitary tissue.

Traditional Marble-Tubbed Crap Gauntlet

In what’s possibly the most spiritual-looking place to lay out fresh wolf bait, this classical design features a marble tub framed by matching vanities to make every occupant feel like they’re taking a smooth mid century dump. For those looking to really relax, simply run a bath moments before dropping your potatoes into that crock pot to get an incredible post-deuce soak. Your tuckered starfish has earned it!

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