Macaulay Culkin Sits Down With Allee Willis on the Bunny Ears Podcast

April 17, 2019 by , featured in Bunny Ears Podcast
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Exciting news, warren! On today’s Bunny Ears podcast, Mack sits down with Allee Willis, A.K.A. the woman who wrote the Friends theme song (but not the claps). Allee got off a phone call with Patti LaBelle to do this podcast, so you know it’s important.

Listen Up

Aaron Sorkin had better take notes, because Allee opens up about the real social network. She told us about her idea for Facebook before it was Facebook and—in a not unrelated note—why it’s less profitable to chose morals over money. (But if Sorkin could put his check in the mail for using Allee’s term, “social network,” that would be great.)

Allee also opens up to Mack about her career in music. She wrote “September” by Earth, Wind & Fire and sold 60 fucking million records, so you could say it’s been a good one. Allee also tells us why it’s better to get your friends to sleep their way into your opportunities and also how cheap Grammys are. (She has many of them, and they’re basically glorified pencil sharpeners. Also, she may or may not have stolen a Grammy from Oprah.)

Bunny Ears Podcast 29 - Shawn DePasquale and Random Topics (Annotated)

Essential Wisdom

If you do the math, you’ll probably figure out that Allee is a woman of a certain age, so if you’re looking for tips on aging well, look no further. It turns out it’s mostly junk food? Whatever you do, don’t crack your knuckles like Mack keeps doing on this podcast.

They’re both big party people, so of course, Allee and Mack had to discuss what makes a great party. If it’s got Sammy Davis, Jr. saving Elizabeth Taylor from choking on a chicken bone, you’re off to a great start. It happens more than you’d think.

Between the banter, Meditation Minute helps you reach and maintain serenity in the most stressful situation (in your car, stuck in traffic), and Mack gets voicemails from people who are surprised he’s not dead.

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  1. I was so glad to hear my voice in the voice mail messages at the end of this episode!!!!!! So proud of that!!!!!!

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