Bunny Ears Podcast 38: P-E-O-P-L-E Festival Part 2 (Annotated)

November 22, 2022 by , featured in Bunny Ears Podcast
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Sup Warren?

Matt Cohen here, again: apparently Craig needs something called “Condolence Time” which I think he made up, but alas; here I am, to talk to you about this weeks episode of the world (Earth) famous Bunny Ears Podcast podcast.

(Warning; this will contain a lot of parentheticals)

This week, Mack and myself present part 2 of our interviews from the People Festival, recorded in Berlin Germany at the Funkhaus, which as we covered in part one is the biggest recorded space of its kind (Yay), and also has Hitler’s marble floors in it (Boo).

Once again, Mack and me (WHOAH!) posted up on a staircase in the 90 degree heat (in Fahrenheit cause that other thing is confusing) and 100 percent humidity, fended off a never-ending swarm of wasps (side-story; I went into a Dunkin Donuts in Berlin and there were wasps on all the donuts and people were still eating donuts so what up with the German tolerance for wasp donuts?) to chat with a handful (if you lost a finger in the war).

First up is Joann Lemoin, otherwise known as Woodkid, who is a French filmmaker/fashion designer/socialite and most pertinent to this podcast, a renowned musician. He’s also my friend now. What up Joann. We debate the proper pronunciation of his name, both actual and stage, talk about being French, and get a day in the life of a super-cool French music superstar.

Next up, Rusangano Family came in with a storm of energy and excitement. They are Godnose, Merle and MyNameIsJohn, an Irish Hip-Hop trio who schools us on the history of rap in Ireland, their knowledge of Irish WWE Superstars, and the proper way to introduce themselves in the future. These guys are awesome and also made me want to visit Ireland.

Thirdly, is Christophe Albric, founder of La Blogotheque, a website, youtube channel and filmmaking-music marriage that has resulted in some awesome videos; one series has some popular bands (What up Zach from Beirut and also the last episode) do “Pop-Up” concerts in public or odd locations, much to the delight of said public and now you, via the magic of Youtube (Sex Magick). He also tells us about the “Kidnapping” he had planned for the festival, and don’t worry- it’s only a “soft” kidnapping.

Finally (because “last but not least is SO 2017, amirite?) we have Ahmed Gallab, the leader of Sinkane, an awesome band that the internet describes a “a Sudanese-American music act who blends krautrock, prog rock, electronica, free jazz and funk rock with Sudanese pop.” We chat with Ahmed about his roots in the Sudan as well as the troubled recent history of the nation, growing up Sudanese in Utah and Ohio, music, Berlin, and late-night possible sex clubs.

Again, we had an awesome time in Berlin and want to thank everyone involved at the People Festival, from the staff at Michelberger Hotel to the staff at the Funkhaus, to EVERY artist we met and every fan we got to interact with. It was a super special week.

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