Magenta: The Manliest Of Colors

September 3, 2022 by , featured in Color Of the Month
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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]This month’s Bunny Ears’ Color of the Month is magenta, AKA, the manliest of colors.

We know what you’re probably thinking.


Isn’t that one of those fru-fru colors for fancy boys and jockeys, like salmon, or teal? Isn’t it the color of princess parties, and girls like Zoe Kravitz? And aren’t the only people who even use the word magenta dandies and the elderly?

Well, we’ve got news for you: Magenta is a color for men. Manly men.

Don’t believe us? Consider this: Magenta was originally known as the color “fuchsine,” but it was renamed in 1859 to celebrate the French victory at the Battle of Magenta. Victory? Battle? That’s manly as fuck.

Not to mention that an identical color was recreated in a lab by two British chemists in 1860. Created in a lab? Like Frankenstein, or Skynet? Holy shit, that’s manly!

Oh, and hold on to your hats, because according to the gods of Wikipedia, magenta is “exactly between red and blue on the color chart.” Red and blue? You mean America’s colors? That’s exactly what we fucking mean.

And you know who wears magenta on the regs? Every fucking Gryffindor who’s ever lived, that’s who! Last time we checked (earlier this morning), Gryffindor is the mythical British house of courage, chivalry, and determination. AKA basically the very foundations of manliness.

Yep. Magenta’s a man’s hue, through and through.

And since you’re undoubtedly now convinced of this basic truth, you’re probably wondering how you can incorporate more magenta into your daily routine. We get it, and we’ve got you covered.

Read on for our list of the top magenta-related accent pieces to help make you your most manliest of selves.*

A Magenta Sparkle Jacket:

“Hello, ladies…”

“Holy shit? Did the manliest man we’ve ever seen just walk into this party?” That’s exactly what people will be saying when you show up in this jacket.

This Magenta Beret:

Want a dose of magenta, and a tasteful headpiece? Look no further.

A Magenta Dodge Caravan Circa 2003:

Nothing says “I’m a real man” like driving a reasonably-priced and gently-used family vehicle. Because a real man makes sacrifices for his family, god damn it.

A Straight Up Can of Magenta Paint:

This simple can of magenta paint is both versatile and cost-effective. Repaint your man cave, finish that patriotic mural, or just apply it directly to your skin. Also can be used in place of drinking water in a pinch.  

Magenta Lipstick:

What’s that? Lipstick’s for ladies? But this is magenta lipstick. See what we mean?

Now go forth and enjoy the power of your newfound magenta-fueled manliness. Don’t be alarmed if you suddenly feel like you’re crushing the shit out of life, and always remember: Burgandy’s for pussies.

*Doesn’t just work for men!


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  1. Magenta, is the not color of blue not color of red and the not color of any pinks divided, subdivided nor multiplied by a pink, red, blue or white. Magenta is in fact the color of the last bite of your first ever taste of your most favorite dessert.. it’s is the color of divine unto its own.

  2. The colour magenta is so manly it makes me wish I had weiner a magenta Coloured weiner.

  3. Can we vote for the next color? I would like to nominate turquoise for next month’s color

  4. bahaha …my fucken gosh love this site the more i read about ….well SHIT the more i have to read well done! thanks for the laugh!!

  5. SO manly, love a man who can wear a womans colors 😉 COLORS ARENT GENDER SPECIFIC says the SJW!!!!!!!!!

  6. Is this a part of what Mack meant by, “everyone say normal”, when on the Jimmy Fallon show? Is this a small part of a larger cultural steering of moires? I submit the narcissistic Michael Alig Party Monsters of the world are to be celebrated and eventually normalized as we enter this brave new world. Hey, throw some glitter on that necrotic tissue, right? Fabulous.

  7. I only hate this colour because when I was learning to spell I would confuse it with ‘magnet’


    All printer ink will now only come in MAGENTA. Black , yellow and cyan have been discontinued as not being manly enough.

    Anita Sarkeesian buys a printing firm.

  9. “Manly as hell” would have been more appropriate. I think you’d have a wider audience for the adult sarcasm without all the F bombs and still be cutting and caustic.

    1. Me:

      I feel this site may not be for you.

      I would love to use an “f-bomb” to prove that point but I also feel that it might not be for you.

      Also, this isn’t really “sarcasm”; in that sense this site is also (wait for it) not for you.

      Summary: not for Me*

      (*and/or you)

  10. I’d like to add some other pointers to Magenta’s masculinity.

    By definition, masculinity refers to separation (and eventual reunion) because as men grow, we learn to distinguish ourselves from our mothers. Femininity is communion (not to confuse with the Holy Sacrament of Communion in Catholicism). Keep in mind Magenta is completely outside of the color spectrum (separation), so the eyes must adjust to the strange phenomenon by inventing a new color (reunion).
    Also, when looking at a color wavelength graph, the color green appears on top of a curve while magenta dwells near the bottom on a straight line.

    Of course, I’ll stay away from the lipstick.

    The amazing result also makes the masculine-feminine color line perpendicular to the warm-cool (orange-azure) color line! The latter line speaks to extraversion-introversion, so now we have a line referencing task-focus-&-people-focus! How awesome is that!

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