Color Of The Month: Asphyxiation

October 26, 2022 by , featured in Spiritual Wellness
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Kink shaming is a thing of the past; now, it’s all about body positivity and living your best life. You do you, figuratively or literally. It doesn’t really matter. Life is short, and we are all going to die.

Our color of the month, asphyxiation, is a trendy way to showcase your hidden desires to those in the know. Just as there are many different levels of choking a bitch out, there is a spectrum to this lovely color. Keep to shades of purple and blue in order to most accurately display your erotic fetish.

This Scarf Sends A Subtle Message

Color Of The Month

This bluish-purple scarf draped gently around your neck is the perfect way to send a subtle hint that you’re super into erotic asphyxiation. If the mottled color doesn’t get the point across, the draped placement of the scarf around your tender, fragile neck certainly will. They say to wear perfume where you want to be kissed. This is also true of hand placement.

Neckties Easily Transition From Day To Night

Color Of The Month

If you have an office job, you likely wear a tie at least four days a week. These smooth, silky neckties will keep you looking sleek and professional by day but easily transition to slinky bondage-wear by night. The stylish ties pictured above helpfully demonstrate the various stages of asphyxiation, from the light flush of the head buzz to the deeply variegated skin tone of “Whoa, is this going too far?”

Yes, I Am Aware This Is A Blue Ball

Color Of The Month

Marbles aren’t exactly sexy, but the result is the same. Be careful not to put these in your mouth. You will die.

This Necklace Is Cold As Ice And Willing To Sacrifice Our Love

Color Of The Month

I love the layers of this breathtaking piece. Its classic shape is a bold statement that lets naysayers and prudes know that the heart wants what it wants, and sometimes, what the heart wants is to get down and dirty. The icy color is a nice metaphor for the icy hands of death wrapped around your throat as the lack of blood flow and oxygen slowly render you permanently unconscious, a necessary reminder that safe words are super important and not at all embarrassing.

It Was An Accident, I Swear

Color Of The Month

My husband and I were looking to spice things up a little bit, and I thought it would be a fun idea to bring the color of the month out of the bedroom, too. He’s super allergic to mold of all kinds, so I thought the bold, tangy flavor of blue cheese combined with the feeling of his throat slowly closing tighter and tighter would be a nice precursor to the kinky surprises that were in store for the rest of the night. I had fully intended to use the EpiPen in the cupboard over the kitchen sink, but as he lay there, blue and purple and writhing, it was as if I couldn’t help but feel a stirring deep inside of me I had never felt before.

I suppose, in the end, the night went as it was planned. I learned some things about my sexuality I hadn’t been aware of previously, and we’re honestly closer than ever for it. Literally. He never leaves my side in his beautiful urn—a trendy purple-blue.

Images: Pixabay

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  1. Just lovely. I’m all ready for the next phase thanks to you….And don’t forget the black martini with a twist of digitalis…my fav way to end a steamy twilight epidsode

  2. How do you submit a color of the month? I think next month’s color for September should be red. The color of Pepperoni!!!!!

    1. We generally pick COTM internally, but your suggestion has been noted, Kevin Magee from Magee, Mississippi!

      1. Hey Shawn DePasquale, I’m glad I got this message from you!!! I’m just now reading this message as of now (October 26, 2018) I apologize for being late on reading this message but I’m glad you explained how to get the color of the month!!!! What exactly do you mean by you generally pick COTM internally? I’m hoping that Macaulay can come to Magee one day!!!!! Do you think by summer of 2019 he can come to Magee before my birthday of 2019 (July 27th)? I enjoy watching Home Alone.. I was watching it last night.. By the way I made the peanut butter cookies that were posted on the website.. (The secret ingredient in these gluten free Peanut Butter cookies is the love your mother never gave you!!!!) Anyway the cookies turned out good and taste delicious!!! 🙂 P.S. The Magee Crazy Day festival comes up tomorrow Saturday October 27th.. I will be out there wearing my Bunny Ears!!!!! Have you seen the photos of the pumpkin carving that I did? I hope I win the contest!!!!! If I win, I would like some of those pins, specifically the Macaulay Culkin pin and the Matt Cohen pin and also I’ll take the dinosaur pin and give that one to my brother.. He loves dinosaurs and he’s a huge fan of Jurassic Park!!!!

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