How To Keep Warm This Winter With X-Pac Heat

May 2, 2022 by , featured in Wrestling
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In pro wrestling, heat is what happens when a dastardly heel enters the ring, does something dastardly, and is met with loud, hateful boos. However, X-Pac heat is different. It occurs when the audience hates you, but they don’t hate you because you’re a great heel, they just … hate you. And you may want to consider utilizing X-Pac heat as a cost-effective source of fuel this winter! Here are a few ways to capture it…

1. Bust Your B-Hole

At an indy show in 2013, X-Pac attempted a Bronco Buster on a naked turnbuckle and accidentally tore his anus. Yeah, you read that correctly. Dude broke his butthole. Shattered his sphincter. Wrecked his rectum. And doing the same (preferably by doing something super lame) is a fantastic way to get X-Pac-level heat from everyone around you.

2. Start a Clique, Spell It “Kliq”

X-Pac is a relic from that special time when there was nothing cooler than intentionally incorrect spelling. Korn, Mortal Kombat, The Dudley Boyz, etc. Nothing says, “Screw you, parents and teachers!” like a defiant rejection of syntax. If you start a club with your buddies, don’t just give it some boring old traditional name. Replace the C’s with K’s and tell all those lame old grown-ups to buzz off! The X-Pac heat will be radiating off you.

3. Change Your Name Countless Times

Long before there was 6ix9ine, there was Syxx-Pac. And before that, it was just X. And before that, X-Pac. And before that, Syxx. And before that, The 1-2-3 Kid. And before that, The Kid. And before that, The Cannonball Kid. And before that, The Kamikaze Kid. You get the idea. Use the same method and stay warm with some clean X-Pac fuel.

4. Tell People to “Suck It”

This one speaks for itself. Telling people to “suck it” as much as humanly possible will definitely make them hate you. But it will be worth it for all the energy-related savings.

Images: Pexels, WWE

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