Our Vague Personality Test Will Flatter You Even More Than Other Quizzes

February 7, 2022 by , featured in Lifestyle
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Forget Myers-Briggs, say to hell with Enneagrams, and leave NERIS to the nerds. Our brand new vague personality test, the Macaulay-Eargrams, will produce such generic results that you will 100% be able to convince yourself they are personally tailored to you. Maybe you enjoy achieving goals, dislike interpersonal conflict, or value justice. It’s the perfect test for convincing yourself that you have boundless positive traits while you play on your phone at one in the morning amidst a sea of potato chip crumbs.

Our Vague Personality Test

Answer these nine questions and discover your completely vague and self-flattering personality type!

Post the results of our vague personality test in the comments below!

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  1. Oh my gosh I love this quiz! It describes me perfectly except for the parts that didn’t really describe me at all that I’ll just ignore because I’m desperate for validation!

  2. The Defender

    You are the Defender! You always do what’s right, even when it’s really inconvenient! Unless it’s too inconvenient, in which case not bothering to do the right thing is just proof of how insightful you are. Sometimes you can be a little blunt, but that’s just because you care so much. But no matter the situation you’ll always put other people first, unless it makes more sense to put yourself first in which case you’ll do that. You nail every situation perfectly and for all the right reasons. Good work!
    This Test was spot on.

  3. Says I’m an empath…I feel so validated, until I do not 🙂

    The Empath

    You are the Empath! You’re great at helping other people, although you also make sure to take time for yourself by indulging in a quirky but charming interest. Sometimes your emotions get the better of you, but often they do not. Anyone would be lucky to know you, especially because you’re great at doing something positive—teaching people, or inspiring them, or whatever. You either have many friends, or you have just a few friendships that you greatly value, or both! Wow, you rule!

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