Macaulay Culkin Points at Wrestlemania!

December 3, 2021 by , featured in Macaulay Culkin, Pointing, Wrestling
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Professional Wrestling has captured the minds, hearts, and spleens of fans for generations through twisty-turny storytelling, pure physical excellence, exciting lights and sounds, and unique personalities. But wrestling’s number one fan is undoubtedly Macaulay Culkin. Mack could tell you any finisher, match or theme music and give you a title belt’s full history… in his sleep. We’ve seen him do it. It’s cool, but kind of scary.

Every year, Mack along with thousands of his fellow fanatics make the trek to witness wrestling’s crowning jewel: WRESTLEMANIA! He had a blast and covered all the amazing matchups, food, fans, and fun that the main event has to offer. It got sweaty!

Mack also had a chance to visit the wrestling archives to dig up the history of some of the lesser known faces and heels who have been lost to history.  Each Wrestlemania, we remember these legends.

Jed “The Banjo” Baker

  • Years Active: 1951-1981
  • Title Belts Held: Midwest Champion, The Interdisciplinary Title, The Minnetonka Leather Belt
  • Finishing Move: The Southern Ditty (picking opponent up and throwing him down)
  • Catchphrases: “I hate music!” “And that’s the way my momma made me!”
  • Jed “The Banjo” Baker didn’t play the banjo and he hated music, but earned the nickname because of the strange inflection and speed of his pre-match interviews.

The White Schwimp

  • Years Active: 1972-1983
  • Title Belts Held: HCW Championship Belt, 3X West Coast Players Tag-Team Champ
  • Finishing Move: The Living Tower (knocking opponent down and kicking them with balls of his feet)
  • Catchphrases: “Go go living tower!”
  • Once known as “The Shambling Rugrat,” The White Schwimp was first thought of as a nuisance, unskilled wrestler, but quickly became a fan favorite through his stunning dance moves and expert facial expressions.

Peggy McMillen

  • Years Active: 1941-1944
  • Title Belts Held: AWA World Heavyweight Champion
  • Finishing Move: The Flick (flicks the opponent’s ear repeatedly until they submit)
  • Catchphrases: “Leave me alone!”
  • Peggy McMillen never wanted to be a wrestler, she was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. During a trip to the hardware store, she passed a gym and heard yelling inside. When she poked her head in, she was challenged to a fight, and pinned the poor sucker in seventeen seconds. The rest is history.

Cocaine Cassidy

  • Years Active: 1977-1978
  • Title Belts Held: None
  • Finishing Move: The Big Sneeze (sneezes on opponent to startle them, then punch to the face)
  • Catchphrases: “Whooooooo wants to hang out?” “Can I borrow twenty?”
  • Cocaine Cassidy wrestled in the professional circuits for only 3 weeks and never actually finished a match. He often had white powder plastered all over his face and tried to whisper in his opponents’ ears.

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