Are You A Nintendo Switch Or A Nintendo Power Bottom?

March 13, 2022 by , featured in Video Games
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There are a lot of questions you should ask yourself before purchasing a game console. Does it have a library of games you like? Does it have your preferred controller scheme? And, perhaps most importantly, does it fit your kink personality? One of the most confusing issues amongst kinky gamers is whether you’re a Nintendo Switch or just a Nintendo Power Bottom. While there are similarities between both options, there are also several key differences. The good news is there are a few simple ways to figure out which one best suits you and your personal gaming style.

Do You Prefer to Be Docked?

If you like to play handheld or docked, privately or on full display with other players, you’re likely a Nintendo Switch. However, if you prefer to be firmly docked with both controllers paired and clicked on, you’re likely a Nintendo Power Bottom. Additionally, if you have fun as Player One, Player Two, or even Player Eight, as long as you know your game’s dynamics, you’re probably a Nintendo Switch. If you have a strong preference for playing as, say, Player Two, you’re straying more on the side of Power Bottom.

What Parts of Game Play Do You Enjoy Most?

If you get pleasure from giving or receiving power-ups from any player involved, you’re likely a Nintendo Switch. If you aggressively demand power-up drops from your Player One, all signs point to Bottom. And not that you don’t have favorites, but if you’re down to play wrestling games, water sports, role-playing games, and experimental co-ops, you’re likely a classic Switch. If you insist on replaying Golf Story over and over again until you get the ball into the hole on the first go each time, you’re—you guessed it—more than likely a Bottom.

If you’re an older player who likes to try new games and revisit throwbacks alike, you’re probably a Nintendo Switch. If the term “throwback” mostly refers to when your spine freezes up after a good pounding, yet you demand more, you’re definitely an old-school Nintendo Power Bottom. Also, all Kirby stans are Bottoms due to the character’s ability to suck damn near anything into his ever-flexible pink hole.

Hopefully this guide was helpful to you gaming kinksters out there!

Image: Pixabay, Nintendo

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