The Beginner’s Guide To Salt (Because There’s A LOT Of Options)

November 2, 2021 by

There are so many kinds of salt out there that it can be hard to tell when to use one over another. That's why we’ve whipped up a handy Beginner's Guide To Salt (in the form of this totally not-annoying-to-click-through slideshow) to help get you through this.

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Traditional Table Salt: Table salt is made up of finely-ground refined rock salt crystals, making it perfectly-dispensable. Sometimes it has iodine in it, which acts as a health supplement (kind of like fluoride in tap water). It’s multipurpose, and a little goes a long way.
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Kosher Salt: A larger, coarser grain with no additives and a milder saltiness makes kosher the perfect go-to for chefs all over the world. Sprinkle some on a steak before grilling, or even atop a freshly baked chocolate chip cookie!
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Himalayan Pink Salt: It’s salt…but pink! And from the Himalayas, which means it's ancient and mystical or something. It's popular with the Whole Foods/Trader Joe’s crowd.
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Himalayan Black Salt: Like the one before, but black I guess.
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Fleur De Sel: It sounds elegant and hoity-toity, but, boy, is it really just salt at the end of the day.
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Red Hawaiian Salt: Again, salt.
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Cyprus Black Lava Salt: Pepper. Just kidding. It’s salt
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Flake Salt: Salt.
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Smoked Salt: It’s just salt, okay? What more do you want to know? What more is there to know?
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Pickling Salt: Please, go to a better website before you waste more of your time.
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Road Salt: I swear if you click that arrow again—
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Korean Sogeum Salt: You son of a bitch. You went and did it. You clicked, mindlessly, yet again, through another boring slideshow. Look at yourself, consuming one image of a translucent rock after another. This is what you’ve chosen to do with your free time in this vast ocean of entertainment that is the internet. You just consume and take and hoard until your brain is a clutter of useless information and imagery you’ll never need. This moment—the one where you discovered the existence of Korean sogeum salt—will never be recalled at a later date. You’ll never need it in a pinch (but NOT intended). The excuse of learning a new thing is just another in a long line of justifications for wasting your life away. Soon, you will be old and you’ll think back to moments like these and weep for the time you lost. You could’ve done something better with these moments, something meaningful, but you didn’t. No one forced you to do it. You did this to yourself. That’s what hurts the most.
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Curing Salt: Jam-packed with sodium nitrate, this fine salt is responsible for preserving all your favorite cured meats, like sausage, salami, and pastrami! Hope you’ve enjoyed the salts!

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