The Hottest Mid-Post-Winter-Pre-Spring Trends: 2019 Edition

July 23, 2022 by , featured in Lifestyle
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It’s hard to figure out what you should wear during that transitional season of mid-post-winter-pre-spring. It’s not winter anymore. But it’s not spring yet. But it’s also still sometimes winter-like. And then there’s that random day when it turns into summer, but then it goes back to something like spring … but only kind of. And it’s even harder to figure out how to keep up with the Spring trends! Last year, it was both woolen sweaters with a floral dress print and floral dresses with a woolen sweater print. This year, it’s going to be these fun fashions:

One Boot, One Regular Shoe

Think there’s no way to win when it’s mid-post-winter-pre-spring? Think again! During this volatile time of year, one leg will always be too cold and the other will always be too hot. Lean into it by putting a boot on the leg that’s freezing, and expose your hot leg to the elements by donning a regular shoe. Then use that non-boot shoe to kick mother nature right in her fickle little face.


Wizard capes are surprisingly versatile. When it’s mid-post-winter-pre-spring, you’re going to need something that changes as often as the weather, which is precisely every four and a half minutes. Wizard capes can easily transition from fashionable outerwear to something that got swept away by the wind that you’re now chasing after.

A Ski Suit In The Morning And A Breezy Maxi-Dress In The Afternoon But Then The Ski Suit Again

You’re going to want to wear the warmest thing you can find when you’re cold because you’re being pelted by freezing rain that will turn into either ice-snow, ice-rain, or both. That’s where the ski suit comes into play. But if you leave the ski suit on in the afternoon, you’ll just spend the day marinating in your own sweat. But the ski suit needs to go on again in the evening. This the perfect day-to-day-to-night look.

Wearing A Scarf As Pants

Some people take off their sweaters and tie them around their waists when they get too hot. You can do the same thing with a scarf you may or may not or may or may not or may need, depending on what second of the minute of the day it is. Fashion your scarf into a weird little diaper thing, and you won’t have to carry it around when the weather suddenly decides it wants to be a perfect 72 degrees because it’s an asshole like that.

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Bike Shorts, But We Have No Idea What to Pair Them With

You’ll be perfectly on-trend in bike shorts—just do the exact opposite of what all your instincts are telling you. Look out the window and see if it looks like you can slip a pair of bike shorts underneath a flowy skirt, and then do the opposite of that. Your eyes are liars when it’s mid-post-winter-pre-spring. Don’t trust them.

Hope you found these mid-post-winter-pre-spring trends helpful. Share any we may have missed in the comments section below!

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