Oh No, The Dog With A Blog Pivoted To Video And Is A ‘Breed Realist’ Now

June 29, 2022 by , featured in Pop Culture
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Who else remembers Disney’s Dog With a Blog? In 2015, the lovable Stan revealed he had the ability to not only use a computer … but blog. It catapulted him into the world of celebrity and earned his site millions of views. Then, the novelty wore off and the blog economy collapsed, killing an embittered Stan’s ad revenue and ending his once influential career. But now Stan is back in the media game! And he has some deeply uncomfortable things to say about Anatolian Shepherd Dogs on YouTube.

A Sign Of The Times

Describing himself as a “breed realist” and a “reactionary against the socialist sheepdog notion that all pets are equal,” Stan has been railing against the supposed “violent tendencies” and “sub-par intellects” of many dog breeds in videos that often last over an hour. The former dog with a blog also pulls from fields as disparate as history, philosophy, economics, and sociology (inaccurately pulling, we must stress). Worse still, he uses terms that even hate groups recognize as blatant dog whistling.

These videos are loud, rambling, and often incoherent. However, he still manages to accumulate huge view counts thanks to YouTube’s questionable algorithms, and a small but passionate fanbase. Stan also routinely conducts fundraisers and sells overpriced merchandise. He claims that the money is needed to maintain “a strong bark in the independent media” (even as he’s seen wearing luxury dog collars and dining on filet mignon). So much for being a good boy.

A History Of Prejudice

While many are shocked by this development, long-time critics have noted that Stan always harbored a grudge against Pomeranians, was deeply prejudiced against cats, and espoused the reproductive superiority of Poodles even when he was blogging about acceptance and personal growth. Regardless of how long he’s held these beliefs, it’s clear that Stan’s immense but brief fame went to his head. Sadly, Stan is now willing to do or say whatever he must in order to maintain the illusion of relevance—even as canine academics dismiss his ideas as “having no basis in reality.”

Superiority Complex, Or Is This Just A Racist Dog?

We used to love Stan’s charming antics, but we strongly denounce his current hateful ideology. Most of the James family has also criticized Stan, creating a deep rift between the famous dog and his loved ones. (Though Avery is on record as saying, “I don’t see what’s wrong with Stan saying that intelligent, hard-working dogs deserve more.”)

Well, we personally think that Stan’s latest video in which he claims Afghan Hounds are secretly trying to exterminate other dog breeds—before spending 20 minutes promoting “an incredible sexual energy supplement” made from his own feces— speaks to Stan’s true intelligence.

What are your thoughts on this one?

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