I Gave Up Everything To Live In A Tiny House In My Mom’s Basement

November 16, 2021 by , featured in Spiritual Wellness
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Modern living is so expensive, it can be hard to keep up. So when I found myself overwhelmed by a high cost of living, I decided to downsize by moving into a tiny house. The tiny house is in my mom’s basement. It’s technically a tiny house that happens to be in a larger house so I’m still part of a movement. The tiny house movement, or more specifically, the tiny house inside a house-house movement.

Some people who make the move to a tiny home build customize their home, building it from scratch. Others choose to purchase a pre-built structure. I found that my old Fisher Price house from when I was a kid was still in my mom’s basement (she never throws anything away!) So I opted to live in that.

tiny house

Tiny House = Tiny Expenses

Living in a tiny house is so much cheaper than my old apartment, as the lifestyle inherently comes with fewer expenses. I don’t need to pay for electricity, because I get it from the main house. And if I’m hungry, I can just yell up the stairs and my mom will make me sandwiches and bring them down. Thanks to my tiny house lifestyle, I’m now debt-free, but also because my mom said she’d pay for my Am Ex bill and student loans and the money I still owed my landlord from my old apartment I couldn’t afford.

My new, minimalist lifestyle took some getting used to at first, but now that I’ve grown accustomed to it, I embrace it. Plus, if I ever feel cramped, I can always go upstairs to the house part of the house and get my needed space, just as long as it’s not the first Thursday of the month because that’s when my mom has a book club.

tiny house

I’m Part Of Something Great, I think.

Some people have been like, “Jennifer, aren’t you just living with you mom as an adult?” This is different. This is a movement. Plus living in my mom’s basement comes with less complications. I don’t have to worry about zoning restrictions for my tiny house, because I’m pretty sure you don’t need one for a plastic kids’ toy from the 80s. And I don’t have to live in a tiny house camp, which is basically just a hipster trailer park.

Sure, there are some sacrifices to living in a tiny home. I had to downsize my apartment, and my mom’s basement. I had to move the pool table out of the way, and then move all of my clothes from my regular apartment into my old bedroom. My mom still kept it the same as it was right before I moved out to start adulthood, and well-before I decided adulthood was too hard then moved back in again.tiny house

It feels good to unplug from society. It’s almost like Walden Pond, because Henry David Thoreau also had his mom nearby to help him out if he ever needed anything, like the password for the wifi (which is the one that Spectrum set up for her – there’s a post-it on the fridge).

Overall, I wouldn’t trade my tiny house in my mom’s basement for the world. I would also encourage you to go tiny, provided your mom can take you in and do everything for you short of wiping your butt when you poop.

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