Is Your Signature Scent Floral, Musk, Or Ham?

September 15, 2022 by , featured in Lifestyle
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Finding a signature scent can be daunting. The fragrance you choose to wear on a daily basis is one of the first things others notice about you when you enter a room — and often what they’ll remember longest after you leave. So it’s key that your signature scent captures your essence.

And because there are oh-so-many scents to choose from, it helps to first narrow down your choice by what scent experts refer to as fragrance families. Namely, floral, musk, or ham.

Floral scents, as you might expect, are light and airy, often based in classic notes like rose, peony, or lily of the valley. Meanwhile, musk-based scents have an odor profile generally associated with deeper, more masculine tones, often layered with hints of spice and citrus. And ham-based scents reek of ham.

Now that you know your basic scent profiles, how do you know which one’s right for you? Take the below quiz to find out!

1. You’d most describe yourself as:

a.) Flirty and fun. You enjoy being the life of the party, whether it’s a large gathering or just a few friends on the veranda.

b.) Low-key, mellow, and always ready for some alone time. You like feeling as though others can depend on you.

c.) A ham lover.

2. You feel most yourself when:

a.) You’re surrounded by friends and rocking the perfect ensemble.

b.) You’re sitting at home with a good book, a quality Chablis close at hand.

c.) You’re diggin’ into some hot, steamy ham. Smoked, baked, brine-cured, canned, heck even Canadian. If it’s ham, you’re down to clown.

3. It most bothers you when:

a.) You feel the itch to do something new and adventurous, but none of your friends seem interested or available.

b.) Others don’t respect your need for alone time.

c.) You can’t find your backup ham. It’s so close you can almost taste it. But where, damn it?

4. Your dream vacation entails:

a.) Anywhere warm, sunny, and near the Riviera. It’s a vacation for a reason!

b.) Some place simple, serene, and preferably without WiFi. This is your time to unplug.

c.) A butcher shop or slaughterhouse. Any where that sells the freshest, most reasonably priced hams in the area. And yes, you’re looking to buy in bulk.

5. You most want others to associate you with:

a.) A smile. Or anything that lifts their spirit.

b.) Dependability and steadfastness. Someone they can call in a bind.

c.) Smelling like ham.

If you got mostly A’s, your signature scent is likely in the floral family; mostly B’s means you can safely assume you’ll prefer musks; and mostly C’s means — you guessed it — your signature scent is ham! So get to your nearest boutique perfumery/coat your body in pungent, briney ham water as soon as you can. You’ll be so glad you did.

Images: SkinCarebyAlana / StevenLilley/Flickr

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  1. 4.c: It does not have to be the most reasonably priced ham, hell no! That stuff is cruel garbage. It has to be real quality, old school craftmanship, otherwise the ham is just a sham. And if there is a ham marketed on animal welfare, lots of outdoors space for the piggies with lots of grass, mud, hay and nesting shacks, then count me in! Otherwise I’d go with floral.

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