The Red Belt Is On The Blue Show. COLORS MEAN NOTHING NOW!!

April 14, 2022 by , featured in Wrestling
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This past weekend, at WWE Crown Jewel, The Fiend Bray Wyatt won the Universal Champion from Seth Rollins. That means a wrestler from SmackDown—the blue brand—now has control of the red belt.

This situation is, in a word, unconscionable, and I can’t fathom why there hasn’t been more of an uproar. For DECADES, we’ve know WWE RAW to be the red show and WWE Smackdown to be the blue show. We could fall asleep easy knowing that if there was to be a RAW vs. SmackDown Survivor Series match, the RAW wrestlers would wear red t-shirts and the SmackDown wrestlers would wear blue.

But now? Will the colors of the t-shirts represent the show or the championship? Do they get to pick? Will The Miz wear a red shirt to denote that he’s pursuing the Universal Championship while Ali wears a blue shirt to show he’s a member of the SmackDown roster? CAN YOU NOT SEE HOW CONFUSING THAT IS?!  I don’t watch Survivor Series to be confused! I watch Survivor Series to witness WWE’s premiere sports entertainers fight for BRAND SUPREMACY!!

I’m Never Watching WWE Again!

I’m seeing red over this! But it’s not red. It’s blue. Because NOTHING MEANS ANYTHING ANY MORE!

I guess I’ll just drive my car into the middle of an intersection and crash it into a FAMILY’S STATION WAGON. In fact, I DID do that! Last night! Sure, I had a red light, but red means blue now, so I guess I had the “blue light,” which means … what? Who knows. So what choice did I have but to drive forward at a very high speed? Was I just supposed to sit there? GOOD GOD!

And now an entire family is dead. And all because the red belt is on the blue show. I hope you’re happy Bray Wyatt. WHY ARE WE NOT ALL UPSET ABOUT THIS?!?!?

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