Avengers Endgame Is a Masterful Allegory That Champions Flat Earth Truth

December 6, 2021 by , featured in Pop Culture
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There are going to be Avengers Endgame spoilers in here. If you haven’t seen the movie yet and care about spoilers, please enjoy any of our many other articles that don’t contain Avengers Endgame spoilers. 

Blockbuster films have long included subversive and controversial subtext. Toy Story 3 is about death, Star Wars references the New World Order, and Jurassic Park is a blatant takedown of the space race. So when I sat down to watch Avengers: Endgame, my antennas (Ant-Man reference!) were up!  As I left the theater, the messages and imagery started to take hold. I immediately saw it two more times, and understood what it was telling me: Avengers: Endgame clearly argues the Flat Earth theory.

The simplicity of the Flat Earth Theory is what makes it so plausible. The Earth is flat, everyone is lying to you, no one can prove gravity, and we’re living under a dome. The moment you lift the veil of everything you “learned” in school, and realize you can only trust yourself AKA what YOU’VE seen, you realize that none of us have been to space so we really know nothing, and we’d be falling all around if the Earth was actually spinning. The directors of Endgame clearly understand this truth and shine a light on it. Here’s how:

Groot Represents Gravity

Groot sounds like Gravity so this was easy to spot. When Groot was dusted in Avengers: Infinity War, we all assumed Rocket wouldn’t be able to go on. They were inseparable. In Endgame, Rocket is sad of course, but he’s still living and breathing, and able to contribute to the mission. We all think we need gravity, but if we can just get rid of that dumb idea, we’d all be fine! Because it doesn’t make sense!

Captain America IS Dennis Lemke.

Dennis Lemke is a true warrior for the Flat Earth cause. He’s sacrificed every familial relationship, and been fired from at least four jobs for his brave outspokenness. He also has straight hair and recently shaved his beard… exactly like Captain America at the start of Endgame. The Russo Brothers capture Dennis’s dry wit and courage in this perfect one to one representation. Spoiler alert: when Captain America turns into old man Joe Biden at the end of the film, that was a nod to Lemke’s tenure as Vice President of the Flat Earth Nebraska chapter.

Thanos represents Science

The scientific community is a behemoth that tries to use crazy ideas to tell us what’s best for the universe. Sound like anyone we know 😉 Yep! That’s clearly the Mad Titan himself, Thanos. When Thanos wins at the end of Infinity War, that represents where science is right now. Science is winning with crazy ideas like other planets and a sun that’s so hot you can’t even go to it. We’ve never seen any of that! Just like the Avengers have never seen how killing half the population would actually help the universe. The Avengers realize they need to stop Thanos just like we need to stop science, so they go back in time, just like we want to go back before some dumb idiot said we’re on a spinning ball. Bravo, Russo Brothers. You’re doing the good work!

avengers endgame flat earth

There are so many easter eggs and nods to Flat Earth in Avengers: Endgame (when Captain Marvel shows up for the big fight, that represents Logan Paul becoming a F.E. truther) that it’s almost impossible to spot them all, so please share your favorites in the comments below! The truth is out there and Avengers: Endgame is now playing all over the “globe!”

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