Meet the Amazing New Headwear That Will Balance Your Aura and Be Your Best Friend

September 23, 2022 by , featured in Lifestyle
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Sunburn. Rain. A sudden drop in temperature. Your head does not deserve these things.

Stress. Imbalance. Toxicity. Your body and soul do not deserve these things, either.

It’s all enough to give someone a headache. And that’s where the Felicitus L-9 comes in. Maintain your internal balance, and indulge only positive environments, and you will be rewarded with the best cranial comfort you’ve ever experienced. Lose yourself in the wrong direction, and you’ll be gently reminded that the situation requires extrication of your self and your spirit.

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Above we see the perfect state of relaxation. Sleep combined with sweet dreams. The Felicitus comforts and augments, even creating pleasant sounds to enhance your REM cycle.

cat hatsEnjoy your nutritious breakfast of organic whole grains and flax seeds with coconut oil, garnished with a side of cruelty-free honey. Your Felicitus awaits the day with you, remaining motion-free and in place for the moment, as you make your next life-changing decision.

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You’re worth celebrating every day, so why not do that literally? In fact, why not do it today? Treat yourself with plans for a party, and watch the Felicitus enter celebration mode with you, as dazzling new colors and sensations will flash before your eyes.

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Your new headwear approves of every instance in which you clear your body of unneeded waste. In fact, its own alert state in those situations will enhance yours, as if unseen eyes were upon you, conferring positive affirmation that “that was a good one.”

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Your eyes can deceive you. Don’t trust them. Reach out with your mind, and it’ll be as if you can visualize the world and the road around you in five dimensions. You were never a very good driver anyway. Let the heightened instincts of the Felicitus cue you whenever danger, or a sudden loud noise, or a noise of any kind, or anything spontaneous whatsoever occurs. Your newly acquired senses will thank you.

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Not all stimuli are positive. Excessive aggression and adrenaline, encouraged by certain participative events, may enhance unwanted spikes of testosterone, displacing the optimal mood of self-peace. In instances like these, the Felicitus may offer a gentle reminder that removal from the immediate circumstances will have the optimal effect upon your well-being.

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Be sure to take moments of decompression that your chat-chapeau can sense, and share in. As you drink deeply of life’s goodness, your sensitive headwear intimately imbibes your innateness implicitly.

At the end of a long day just experiencing life with your new smart-wear, consider a healing, full-body cleanse, just you and your Felicitus…

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…Instant exfoliation comes free of charge. Just add water. Tomorrow, with the aid of your favorite proprietary reconstructive blepharoplasty, you can acquire a whole new look for a whole new you!

Because sometimes the best ideas come just off the top of your head.

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