Where Are They Now: Chavo’s Toy Horse, Pepé

April 20, 2022 by , featured in Wrestling
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Legendary cruiserweight wrestler Chavo Guerrero Jr. had many partners throughout his nearly 25-year career between the ropes. From Corporal Cajun to his uncle Eddie Guerrero, Chavo teamed with a who’s who of the professional wrestling world. But few will contest the fact that his greatest partner of all time was a tiny stuffed hobby horse named Pepé.

Pepé debuted in 1998, and he teamed with Chavo for much of the year (even wrestling—and winning—a solo match against Lenny Lane on an episode of WCW Saturday Night).

But the Good Times Wouldn’t Last Forever

In the middle of a January 1999 feud between Chavo and Norman Smiley, Pepé was tragically thrown into a wood chipper. His wrestling days were over. But where is Pepé today? Well, the tiny horse is no more, but maybe you’ve heard of the actor who played him: Neil Patrick Harris.

That’s right, between filming Starship Troopers and the prestige drama The Proposition, Harris took a break from making movies to explore his two loves, professional wrestling and plush horse heads attached to sticks.

“Playing the role of an inanimate toy horse in the dying days of WCW was easily the highlight of my career,” said Harris while on break from filming the upcoming biopic Spinning Gold.

When asked if he’ll once again put on the plush horse head and step between the ropes to turn the tides of the war between AEW and WWE, Harris simply winked, let out a small whinny, and said “I think we all know that Pepé is All-Elite.”

We’ll just have to wait and see whether that was an official announcement or just a fun tease from one of Hollywood’s greatest actors …

Images: Wikipedia Commons/Ebay, Youtube/Bob Riccio,Wikimedia Commons

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