Hot Looks for A Night Out on The Vegas Strip

September 1, 2022 by , featured in Lifestyle
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Move over Paris and New York, Las Vegas has got something to say about fashion. The scene here is all about showing off your body, with complete disregard to the actual shape, size and proper fit. When you’re dressing for a Vegas night out, you leave any regards to common decency at home and show the city what your mama gave ya. No shirts, no shoes, no sense of body-awareness… NO PROBLEM! Here are five hot outfits for your Vegas vacation.

A Roll of Duct Tape

Hot LooksHot, hot, hot. Form-fitting, this look will have all the guys excited to grind aggressively up against your ass in the club. It’s also the perfect travel dress because it’s so small it will fit in any suitcase! When you’re ready to go, just start wrapping, and the dress forms itself!


Hot Looks

You’re going to be too sloshed to change into this once you get back to your hotel room with that club monkey you plan to sleep with. So, come prepared and get dressed before your eyes start to cross and the room begins to spin (trust us, it’s hard to lace this baby up if all your faculties aren’t there). We’re loving this hot number we found at Trashy Lingerie, but if you’re truly trash and don’t have $185 to drop on this, just hit up your nearest JCPenny or any other place you can find thin pieces of fabric sewn together.


Hot Looks

These stick right on and can cover up the places that legally can not be shown while out in public. Use the generic band-aid to go for that birthday-suit vibe, or get a cartoon one like Hello Kitty Band-Aids, to show that you are both sexy and underage.

Classy Little Black Dress

Hot Looks

This sexy number by is just what we’re thinking when we look for the perfect little black dress to strut around the Vegas strip in. Just like the model is wearing, we recommend a size small, regardless of your actual dress size. Wondering if the LBD in your closet at home is Vegas-y enough? Do the bend-over test. Bend and feel your behind. Is it showing? Great. Do your tits fall out when you bend forward? Yes? Pack it, girl!

Gap Kids Sequin Dress

Hot Looks

Sequins is always a “do” in Vegas. We love this dress by Gap kids because while it looks adorable on the kid pictured, when put on a full-grown adult, the entire look is Vegas-fied. The dress will be too short, too tight, and too perfect for a sexy Vegas night!

Bonus: kid’s clothes are cheaper than adult’s!

IMAGES: Trashy Lingerie, Yandy, Gap Kids

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