How To Break Into Comics (As Long As Your Dad Is Famous)

March 29, 2022 by , featured in Comic Books
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Comic book writing is a competitive field, and it might feel impossible to break in. However, it’s totally possible (if you have a famous dad, of course!). Here’s our top tips/step-by-step guide for breaking in to the industry as a young creative—all contingent on the fact that your father is already highly-connected.

1. Ask Your Dad to Call His Agent

The hardest part about this whole process is getting representation, so this is key. If his agent is good enough, this is the only step you’ll even have to take! 

2. Contribute to Your Dad’s Anthology Series

If your dad is putting together an anthology series, ask if you can write a short story for it. Don’t worry about talent, they’ll be dozens of talented writers in there. All you need to focus on is getting some published credits under your belt.

3. “Co-Write”!

You’d be amazed at the amount of writers out there who got their start by having their dad agree to “co-write” something with them. If you can ape his voice and style, even better! Remember, the less work for your dad, the more inclined he’ll be to agree. If you can focus on the passing of a torch between father and son, that would be beneficial as well. You want to really drive home the fact that your father’s talents flow through you like his blood. 

4. Get Your Dad on Your Podcast

Have a creative endeavor that doesn’t line up one-to-one with your father’s skills? Maybe you have a podcast or you make “culture” videos on YouTube. That’s a perfect way to capitalize on your father’s success. All you’ll need to do is bring in your much more famous, creative father—either as a guest, a co-host, or maybe just a cameo. Anything to focus attention on yourself!

5. Publish His Unfinished Work After He Dies

Dad died years ago? No worries! Just find some old scraps or notes of his and spruce them up with your own writing, then publish them as his “lost works.” It’ll get you publicity, raise your name into the stratosphere, and—best of all—since he’s dead, he won’t say a word!

6. Just Say “Yes”

This last tip comes to us from a source who wishes to remain anonymous. They said, “Well, one of the things I like to do is bring my dad grapefruit juice. I do it every day. And when I do, I say, ‘Dad, will you still love me when I’m a hundred and one?’ and he says, ‘Yes,’ and then he puts the drink inside a box, and locks it, and tells me that there’s a beast inside that will devour all of my sins as long as I never look inside. Then he told me [redacted] wanted him to write [redacted], but he was too busy jerking off onto a big book of puzzles, so he asked me if I wanted to write it. I said yes! That’s really all it takes. When the opportunity comes, you just have to say yes!” When the opportunity comes, just say yes

There you have it! If you play your cards right and put in the work (a little) you’ll be a working comic book writer like Henry Abrams faster than you can say ‘the system is rigged’!

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