Bunny Ears Podcast 31: Camp No Counselors With Michael Rosenbaum (Annotated)

October 30, 2022 by , featured in Bunny Ears Podcast
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Hi, I’m Craig The Intern, and they make me transcribe these every week. Everything’s going great so far! It’s summer, and everything is warm, but our podcast is smokin’ hawt! Our demeanor is also very deadpan, so you might say we are summer CAMP. Or not. Campy? Camper? Just listen and you’ll get it. I didn’t.

The Guest: Michael Rosenbaum, with a bonus appearance by Matt Bennett

The Lowdown:

Before we get to the main guest, we have the guest version of a mini-boss in Matt Bennett, who wants to plug his new show on TBS called Bar Mitzvah’d, which is basically Groundhog Day at your Bar Mitzvah. Age 26. Bob Saget plays his dad, which basically makes him an honorary Olsen twin.

Wow, that was actually a cold open! Because here’s our theme music. Coming out of it, Matt and Mack recall some local doctor commercials that ran on TV in their childhood. Summer is the theme, and the guest is Michael Rosenbaum, who used to be an inspiration to Matt back when he played a bald Lex Luthor on Smallville, but now he has hair again, so boo. They talk about hair and its various locations, then move on to horror movies, which Michael was obsessed with since he was eight. He praises Exorcist III as underappreciated. Matt made the jump to horror when he was 13 and saw Scream. Michael was in Urban Legend, and just got done with interviews for a 20th anniversary edition. They pick their favorite unconventional horror films, and vent that they’re not generally as good today, though they’re able to name a few, like The Cabin in the Woods and Bone Tomahawk.

In non-horror, Michael and Mack bond over their love of Arthur, which Mack has patterned his adult life after. Michel shows a strong propensity for impersonations, doing a killer Dudley Moore. The sequel not so much, which leads to a debate about Evil Dead sequels, and whether you actually need part one.

18 minutes in, the theme of the week (summer) is finally discussed again. Michael remembers childhood summers as being like The Sandlot, and recalls Spielberg’s advice that you can be immature as long as you’re responsible. Everyone on the show collects toys, especially ones they weren’t able to have as a kid. Surprisingly, for playing Luthor and Flash, Michael was never a comics fan.

Mack describes a game called Whiskey Slaps, in which you draw cards, and when they match you do a shot of whiskey and get slapped in the face. Either everyone wins, or nobody does. I think.

They talk summer camp, and the Nickelodeon show Salute Your Shorts being as close as Michael could come to it. Matt went to a day camp called West Hills, from ages 4 thru 16, and he was a counselor after. Michael found out about Camp No Counselors at age 42 when his friend sent him an email – summer camp for adults. CNC began on Shark Tank, and now it’s all over the U.S. One of their rules is not to ask anyone what they do for a living, but he found out co-creator Dave Kushner was coached in hockey by Michael’s uncle.

CNC tried to pull a prank saying Mack was going to come, so he made it real and gave them a list of demands, and now it’s happening, but they have not announced which camp they’re showing up to. Michael strongly endorses; he actually met a girlfriend there.

Mack is the loudest snorer Matt has ever heard in his life, so in case you’re at his camp, bring a fan for white noise, because you’re in bunk beds. You also might want a top bunk because of drunks—all booze is included in the price.

Here comes the plug: go to https://bunnyears.com/cnc for our contest to get you to Camp No Counselors with the Bunny Ears guys! (Except me. They just make me transcribe these things every week, but it’s going great so far!) To enter, just make a video saying why you love camp, and we will judge you.

That out of the way, let’s talk theme parks! Michael and his friends regularly go to Six Flags and eat at Olive Garden afterward. He also goes to Disney World every year for Christmas. Mack is a fan of the YouTube video series Defunctland, about old Disney rides that don’t exist any more. Matt has done his version of the EPCOT “drink around the world” (one drink in each of the 12 mini-nations) but with weed, vaping in every country, but by the time he got to Canada, he wanted to die. They discuss Disney parks around the world, and then Michael’s childhood summers in the Catskills with his grandparents while his younger brother and parents went to Jamaica. He actually went to Action Park, the infamously dangerous and cheap theme park immortalized in a recent Johnny Knoxville movie. They talk a bit about how you used to have to remember everyone’s phone number, and Michael tries calling some old numbers from his past, on-air.

ClockBlockers, a.k.a. The Contest, a.k.a. The Game: Anything associated with summer.

Also if anyone out there is named Bryce and remembers Michael from Camp No Counselors’ friendship walk: he remembers you. And we’ll never let him forget it.

The Highlights:

All-Rosenbaum Impersonation Edition

7:23-7:36 Rosenbaum does the Jaws trailer narration from memory

9:00-9:11 Rosenbaum as George C. Scott in Exorcist III.

15:15-16:32 Rosenbaum as Dudley Moore in Arthur.

22:45-23:45 The time Roddy Piper taught Michael Rosenbaum the sleeper hold

The Links:

Enter our Camp No Counselors contest: bunnyears.com/cnc

That original Jaws trailer:

Here is the Defunctland episode about Action Park:

And this is Salute Your Shorts:


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