Is The Bunny Ears Pop-Up Coming To Your City? Because We’ve Lost It

January 24, 2022 by , featured in Lifestyle
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With 13 stops and counting, the Bunny Ears Pop-Up Shop has been a hit right out of the gate. Full of memorabilia, merch, and memory making, it’s quickly established itself as the destination for any true BE and Macaulay Culkin fan. And we’ve got some exciting news. It may be coming to your town next. Or maybe not. We’re just saying, it’s out there. We’ve lost it. So if you see it, please let us know.

We’ve done everything we can think of to track it down. Followed it on Twitter. Drove around Instagrammable neighborhood looking for gaggles of creepy-looking fans. We even reported it missing, but the police didn’t really understand how we could lose a whole pop-up shop. Like it’s our fault or something!

And before you get up on your high horse, no, it didn’t run away. Our shop wouldn’t do that. We were having a blast sharing our sharp satire and foolhardy fun with the fans. There’s no reason for it to go AWOL. Unless something dire happened. But we’re not ready to go there just yet. No, we have to hold out hope.

For those interested, the shop is about 20-ish feet tall and includes a lot of weird Macaulay Culkin-themed swag. In an effort to help the general public more easily spot the satirical shop, we had a police sketch artist draw up a picture.


Bunny Ears Pop-up Shop
We found out later he was actually an artist WANTED by the police.

Note: If the Bunny Ears pop up shop does pass through your town, DO NOT try to chase it. It will only get scared and run away. Instead, shoot us a Venmo note with its last location, what condition it was in, and $49.99. What? Just because we’ve lost the thing doesn’t mean it’s free to enter.

And if you’re reading this, pop-up shop, please come home. We promise things will be different this time.

Images: Pexels, WikiMedia, Kisspng, Pixabay, Pixabay

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