Macaulay Culkin Ranks His Favorite Macaulay Culkin Movies

January 8, 2022 by , featured in Macaulay Culkin
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Hello, Mack Fans! We recently sat down with our fearless leader, Mr. Macaulay Culkin, to rehash one of our favorite topics: Macaulay Culkin movies. Specifically, we got him to rank his top ten. Which is pretty meta and weird, and no, we can’t believe this is our lives. So without further ado: Here are Macaulay Culkin movies ranked … by Macaulay Culkin himself (with a little bit of behind-the-scenes trivia, of course).


Mack: “Least favorite because I died. It was also when I learned I wasn’t allergic to bees. When I first got the job I had to go to a doctor to get tested for allergies to make sure I wasn’t allergic so that I wouldn’t die in real life. In your face, Devon Sawa, I got the part!”


“I was not even in the credits. Also I got hit by a car in it.”


“Because Mandy Moore is a delight. I also got to be in a movie with people who were all my own age for once. All the other movies had been me as a kid with adults. On Saved I was the only one who was old enough to buy liquor.”


“Because John Candy made me giant pancakes, which were really real. I never ate them because they were made a week earlier, but they were actually cooked in a kitchen on a giant skillet.”


“I always felt pretty, but that’s where I learned I actually was pretty. It taught me to totally understand why women put in all that time getting ready. It’s worth it and I looked awesome.”


“Ted Danson is a total sweetheart who knew I really didn’t want to be there. He was a good sport.”


“Okay, Google.” (Editor’s note: If you don’t get that, we suggest you Google it). “But also, the whole movie hinged on a little kid, which was a lot of pressure, but in the end it did so great that I got to go to school that year and say, ‘I beat Rocky’—because we did better than Rocky 5.”


“It was the last movie I made for 20 years. John Larroquette hated me, but we bonded over Barq’s root beer because he was from Louisiana and that’s where Barq’s was made. Also, everyone in the cast was over 6’2 in order to make me look shorter and younger than I was at the time.”


“What kid wouldn’t want to be a cartoon and work with Christopher Lloyd? He hated me in the beginning, but I won him over. We both had the same type of dog, a bearded collie, and that bonded us.”


“Because that’s the one that helped me buy a new house.” [Editor’s note: It’s a sweet house.]

There you have it! Macaulay Culkin movies ranked … by Macaulay Culkin. And if you like hearing about Mack talk about stuff, be sure to check out his podcast here. There’s the one where he talks about his favorite TV shows, another where he discusses what he’d bring on a deserted island, and yet another where he talks to Seth Green about Marvel movies. You can also check him out on our YouTube channel here, doin’ stuff like pointing at Milwaukee with the Red Letter Media guys.


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  1. Hello, loved you on AVGN! Did you like your work on Good son? Would you ever try to play darker roles like that in the future? Thank you!

  2. Hello!!!

    I just have to tell you that Home Alone 2 was always my favorite over Home Alone as well! The fact that it allowed you to buy a new house is SO AWESOME!! However, my question is, was it more fun to shoot as well? Like the stunts with Maurve, Harry, hotel staff(OMG FUNNY) etc?

    On a personal note, I would like to tell you what these movies meant to me. I have Cerebral Palsy and I am in a wheelchair. This movies were with me through surgeries, good days, bad days, etc. My parents had to buy me new VHS tapes because I wore them out. To this day, whenever I watch these movies (especially Home Alone 2) they ALWAYS make me laugh. I can’t even imagine what your childhood was like but I want you to know these movies helped me.

  3. I see many people asking about the good son, I don’t blame you for not listing it.. I vaguely remember being told you were forced into that role to avoid being type casted.. and it had some negative impacts on you.. even if that’s not true.. I could understand you not even wanting to reminisce on that role.

  4. There’s a deleted scene in Pagemaster of you getting hauled away by Frankenstein’s monster, shown in a behind the scenes pencil sketch animation and a brief shot of the monster in the international trailer. Could you elaborate more on that missing scene? Thanks.

  5. I didn’t know he made that many.

    Q: Mack what security measures are you taking incase your… Home alone?

  6. What? No mention of “The Good Son” in your rankings?!? That was such a great film and it was awesome to see you expand your skills and try a different role!

    What are your thoughts and memories of the film?

  7. Hi Mac. About Home Alone 2. When you made that movie you were already a super celebrity. Did you notice any difference in the treatment given to you by the rest of the cast, compared to the first movie?

  8. Why do so many of your adult co stars not like you ( or why did you think they didnt)? Or was that just ur humor that i missed?

  9. The Good Son is definitely your best. Also in the nutcracker (not good) did you study ballet before?

  10. If your ever out in Metro Detroit area I would love to have you over for dinner with my family.

  11. I haven’t bothered to watch home alone 4 because a) you’re not in it and b) it smacks of commercialism, just doesn’t seem right to have another kid unaccounted for. Have you watched it and would you recommend it?

  12. Read the comments just to make sure the good son was being mentioned cuz I remember loving that one!!

  13. Home Alone is and forever will be a fan cult classic, everyone’s favorite family movie and that’s a fact. Just as you, Mack will always be the most beautiful, cutie child movie star of all time.
    I just wanted to ask you, if you can recall, what was going through your mind, in that last scene of Home Alone, where you are waving to Marley, as its snowing outside? What is your favorite scene from Home Alone anyway?
    Do you like the score that John Williams did for the film, the theme song – Somewhere In My Memory?
    Thank you for your work, talent and dedication!

  14. My favorite movies are: Richie Rich and one house (1 and 2 parts). I look with pleasure)) Favorite comedy of childhood, and even now I am not averse to review when it is boring)) 😀😀😉😉😌

  15. In Russia Uncle Buck was only film play at theater for two year. There is holiday for celebrate John Candy, truly comptroller of our hearts. In cold Russian Winter is often said if you can’t find a woman as funny as John Candy find one as big to keep you warm. Is snow. Often forget little blonde kid was star, his on in the film but not focal point, in Russia child would already have moustache and kill of deer. Is on flight the only film show, Air Russia, we drink vodka and recite lines from the movie. Sadly will fall of Soviets real life was not like capitalist Uncle Buck utopia but government sponsored looting. We do not hold this against John Hughes, we as Russians call him high comptroller of cinema,

  16. Dude, you died in Good Son as well. Come to think of it, you died in a disproportionate number of your movies….

  17. I remember seeing The Good Son in the theater and thinking it was a great movie and was shocked a few days later when Siskel and Ebert give it such a scathing review

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